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Repairing Your Smile After Tooth Loss

Thanks to advancements in dentistry, there are several options available when you need to repair one of your pearly whites. Dental fillings can restore the area after a cavity or a crown can be used to mend a damaged tooth. If you have lost one of your permanent teeth, there are options available for you,… Read more »

How Do I Properly Care For My Dental Bridge?

Caring for most dental restorations is actually quite similar to the way you care for your natural teeth. Proper care for a dental bridge can be quite a simple process because caring for a dental bridge has few changes from your normal routine. Brushing, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist remain important for smiles… Read more »

When To Cross The Dental Bridge

Choosing a restorative option for a missing tooth or missing teeth can be daunting. The variety of options of restoration can be overwhelming. Knowledge is power when it comes to overcoming that overwhelmed feeling of a decision. If you know the basics of the restorative option, you will feel better equipped to decide. A dental… Read more »

How A Dental Bridge Stays In Position

There are real functional advantages to a permanently placed prosthetic dental piece. When you enjoy real stability, you can use the prosthetic when you bite and chew food. It can also be more comfortable, as you do not have to worry about it coming loose. You might be curious as to how your prosthetic stays… Read more »

The Right Dental Prosthetic For You

Replacing a lost tooth is good for your oral health, and good for your smile. If you feel uncomfortable when you think about people noticing that you are missing a tooth, the cosmetic upside should be readily apparent. However, you should also know that a prosthetic can also provide restorative dental benefits. You will be… Read more »

Reasons to Choose A Bridge

Making your way through the wealth of teeth replacement options available to you may begin to feel confusing rather than exciting. When this happens, we encourage you to consider the basics of a dental prosthetic to first determine whether it suits your needs and move on from there. For instance, have you been considering a… Read more »

What to Expect from Dental Bridges

Nobody enjoys dealing with tooth loss. However, patients are usually relieved and excited to learn about the wonderful options available to them for replacing teeth. If you are missing one tooth or up to three teeth side-by-side (rather than spread out from one another), a bridge may assist you in achieving the complete smile you… Read more »

Dental Bridges: Your Frequently Asked Questions

Have your friends or family members talked to you about a bridge and how it may solve your tooth loss problem? If you are missing one tooth or up to three teeth in a row, you may make a wonderful candidate for a dental bridge. This dental prosthetic provides a long-term solution to completing your… Read more »

Your Mansfield Dentists Explain Crowns and Bridges

Feeling embarrassed by your stained, chipped, or missing teeth can lead to depression and anxiety, says a new study which surveyed  451,075  adults. The findings discovered that tooth loss is associated with depression and anxiety. Two straightforward restorative dentistry procedures can alleviate your self-consciousness and make you confident in your smile once again. Dr. Blair Jones… Read more »