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What Dental Problems Are Linked To Bad Breath?

If bad breath becomes a constant concern, you should start to grow worried about your oral health. This problem can be a symptom of several issues. While it could just be a sign that you need to do more for your oral hygiene routine, it could be linked to gingivitis or tooth decay! At our… Read more »

Stress Can Interfere With Efforts To Care For Your Smile

When your efforts to protect your smile are interrupted, you are more likely to discover that you require restorative dental work at your next routine dental checkup. Unfortunately, there may be points in your life where you have a more difficult time giving your teeth and gums the attention that they deserve. When a person… Read more »

Floss Every Day To Fight The Buildup Of Oral Bacteria

Without the intervention of your daily oral hygiene routine, oral bacteria can continue to gather and accumulate in your mouth. While there are helpful bacteria present, you also have to worry about the buildup of harmful microbes that can lead to problems like tooth decay and gum disease. With brushing alone, you can clear away… Read more »

You Can Protect Your Smile By Drinking More Water

What steps are usually recommended when someone wants to take better care of their teeth? You can safely assume that a person might learn they need to do a better job brushing, or that they should cut down on how much sugar they consume. However, it might surprise you to learn that drinking more water… Read more »

Keep Your Smile Healthy From Home

Right now, you’re probably spending more time at home, social distancing in a bid to help slow the spread of COVID-19. We’re doing the same, only opening our office for emergency treatments for our Mansfield, TX, patients. Now more than ever, you need to take steps to protect the health of your smile, and your… Read more »

3 Famous Female Dentists Who Paved The Way

We have reached the second week of March, which means we have also reached the second week of National Women’s History Month. At Mansfield Dental Associates, we believe we would be remiss to let this month pass by without giving thanks to some of the most important women in dental history. So, in today’s blog,… Read more »

Pick Up These Good Brushing Habits For Yourself

We are already a couple of months into the new year. Have you kept up with your resolutions? If not, no worries. Nothing like the present time to make a new one. In fact, your Mansfield, TX, dentists suggest one. It involves your toothbrush. But wait, you say, I already have a toothbrush, and I… Read more »

How To Practice Good Dental Habits When You’re Sick

The winter season often brings with it snow and cold temperatures, depending on where you live. It is also the time when colds and cases of flu are at their peak. When you are sick, you may not feel up to brushing your teeth or maintaining your good oral habits. However, taking care of your… Read more »

What’s The Deal With Dental Sealants?

Brushing. Flossing. Regular checkups and cleanings. We hear these terms a lot because they are great ways for people to maintain good oral health. But sometimes, these preventive practices need a boost, especially in children who may consume more sugar throughout the day. One way your Mansfield, TX, dentists help protect their teeth from cavities… Read more »

What Causes Us To Snore?

Do you often snore? In addition to driving your significant other up the wall, this habit could also point to the presence of a serious disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). In today’s blog, your Mansfield, TX, dentists look at what causes us to snore, and possible solutions for your sleep apnea.