Category: General Dentistry

Are You Brushing Effectively?

Have you ever gotten a diagnosis of a cavity or gingivitis from your dentist despite your vigilant oral hygiene routine? During your routine cleaning, has the dental hygienist told you that there are some spots you seem to be neglecting? Certain areas are commonly missed by many people during brushing, so you are not alone…. Read more »

Toothache? Some Things To Think About

A toothache can feel like it came out of nowhere. One minute, you feel fine and the next minute you are dealing with some serious pain. Toothaches can be caused by several different things. Some of these causes can be serious, some can be not-so-serious, and some causes can be not-so-serious with potential to quickly… Read more »

How Regular Exercise Can Keep Your Smile Healthy

Most people don’t need a doctor to tell them that regular exercise is vital to their body’s health and proper function. Nevertheless, an estimated 31% of America’s adult population can be classified as obese, with a greater number suffering from illnesses associated with inadequate physical activity (i.e., heart disease, diabetes, sleep disorders, and a weak… Read more »

Rethinking Your Diet, For Your Smile’s Sake

How can you take better care of your teeth when you already take care to brush and floss, and keep up with regular dental visits? If you are frustrated by your tendency to develop cavities, despite enjoying good general dental care with your dentist and at home, consider your diet. When you enjoy a diet… Read more »

Ensuring Your Dental Visit Is A Comfortable One

When a patient has dental anxiety, just the thought of a routine dental checkup can be hard to process. Even people who would not have a second thought about sitting in the dentist’s chair for a checkup can be reluctant to undergo a longer, or more involved, procedure. What you should understand is that your… Read more »

What Kind Of Care Can You Expect At A Dental Visit?

The oral care provided during a general dental visit can cover a range of possible concerns. Patients typically go in to a checkup understanding that their dentist is watching for any signs of tooth decay. However, your dentist’s observations do not stop with a cavity check. They can watch out for issues that can cause… Read more »

Modern Dental Care That Provides Real Patient Comfort

Modern dental practices can help put patients at ease – sometimes literally. Dental sedation is available when patients are undergoing a more involved treatment, or for those who experience real dental anxiety. Upgraded imaging technology allows your dentist to take a close study of your oral health using intraoral cameras and digital x-rays, which use… Read more »

Is Your Daily Routine Hurting Your Teeth?

Small choices we make throughout the day can have consequences that carry over into problems in the long term. Think about what your teeth typically experience – you may not think much of the effect certain foods or drinks have, and you may disregard the importance of individual brushing or flossing episodes. What you need… Read more »

General Dental Practices Protect You From Oral Health Woes

The preventive care offered through general dental practices can help you avoid unpleasant oral health problems. When you see your dentist for regular checkups, which should occur every six months, you can have your teeth checked for any signs of trouble. If something is found, that early detection can make treatment easier. It should be… Read more »

Ensuring A Comfortable Patient Experience

Your dentist’s goal is to ensure that you have the healthiest possible smile. That being said, through advanced techniques and training, your dentist can also strive to ensure you have a comfortable experience whenever you come in for a dental visit. There have been technological improvements in how your dentist examines teeth. There are materials… Read more »