Month: August 2021

Dental Implant Placement And Restoration

If you do not take action to address tooth loss, you can feel stuck with an inferior smile as well as problems with your dental function. What might surprise you is just how effective the right restorative treatment can be at giving you back your confidence in your health and dental function as well as… Read more »

The Value Of Regular Teeth Cleanings

When you take the time to thoroughly clean your teeth, you control your risk for problems tooth decay and gum disease. You also protect yourself against the buildup of plaque and tartar deposits, which lead to oral health difficulties over time. Unfortunately, there are limits to what your daily routine can do for you. For… Read more »

Can Veneers Improve My Smile?

Are you stuck with your current smile, or is there something you can do to make meaningful improvements? Problems with the condition, spacing, shape, and size of teeth can cause problems with the way a person looks. While these issues can seem difficult to resolve, you can be surprised at just how effective cosmetic dental… Read more »

Will A Dental Crown Really Stay In Place?

Lifelike dental fillings are applied directly to your tooth structure. The resin material we use to create them will actually bond to the surrounding enamel, providing a form of long-term support that benefits your appearance and dental health. Unfortunately, some problems are just too serious to make treatment with a filling possible. When this is… Read more »

Using Aligners To Correct Smile Flaws

How do you feel about your smile? Even if they have teeth that are in good health and free from distracting stains, many people will remain dissatisfied with their appearance because their teeth are poorly aligned. These spacing issues can leave you with unflattering gaps and overlaps, but they can also hurt more generally by… Read more »

How Do I Avoid Root Canal Therapy?

If you have a problem that is serious enough to require root canal therapy, you should not put off treatment. By holding off on scheduling treatment, you force yourself to endure pain in your tooth for longer, and you make that tooth more vulnerable to being lost! Our Mansfield, TX dental practice can work to… Read more »

Teeth Grinding And Its Consequences

A habit of thoroughly brushing and flossing your teeth at night will help you protect your smile. However, a habit of clenching and grinding your jaw, something many people do unconsciously while they sleep, can end up having a negative impact. What can you do if you struggle with this issue? If you do not… Read more »

Planning Treatment With Dental Implants

You can be excited to enjoy the return of your complete smile at the end of prosthetic dental work. After all, a gap left by a missing tooth can be a target for unwanted stares, it can throw off the way you eat and speak, and it can negatively impact your oral health. At our… Read more »