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Should I Be Afraid Of Root Canal Therapy?

The short answer is no, you should not be afraid of root canal therapy. Modern technology has made it so that root canal therapy is often less painful than the toothache that you are experiencing that makes the root canal therapy necessary. While relieving your pain, root canal therapy can often save your tooth from… Read more »

Root Canal Treatment Can Save A Tooth

Hearing that you need a root canal treatment may not be the best news you get, but it does mean that your tooth can be saved from extraction. A root canal treatment is most often needed when decay or damage has reached the inner pulp of your tooth. Often when decay is left untreated, it… Read more »

Will A Root Canal Stop My Tooth Pain?

If you are experiencing a chronic toothache, or significant sensitivity, an endodontic problem may be the cause. Endodontic issues refer to problems occurring within your tooth. These problems are often related to serious cavities, but internal damage can develop after an injury, particularly one where a crack exposes your tooth’s pulp. A recurring tooth problem… Read more »

Do I Really Need A Root Canal Treatment?

Your dentist may not expect you to welcome the news that you need a root canal treatment, but you should understand that this restorative dental work can save your tooth. A root canal is not for any cavity, but it is needed when tooth decay has grown serious enough to enter your tooth. That intrusion… Read more »

Early Cavity Treatment Can Spare You From A Root Canal

Did you know that you can control what treatment you receive for a cavity? You can…sort of. While your dentist determines what procedure needs to occur to address tooth decay, you can improve your chances of avoiding a root canal by seeking cavity treatment early. When you have restorative dental work done when a cavity… Read more »

Why A Tooth With A Serious Problem Might Need A Root Canal

If you have noticed that a tooth has become notably sensitive, or is a source of discomfort, you may have a problem that will require a root canal to treat. Your dentist can perform this procedure safely and effectively, and expertly restore your tooth. However, if you are unwilling to have this work done on… Read more »

How Much Do You Know About Root Canal Treatment?

A tooth’s root canal is the chamber inside of its root, which travels underneath your gums and into a socket in your jawbone. The root canal contains nerves and blood vessels that begin at the tooth’s pulp (center chamber) and extend into the jawbone. The point of root canal treatment is to remove these tissues… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy: What You May Not Realize

You probably have a variety of feelings regarding root canals. For instance, finding out that you need root canal therapy to prevent you from losing your tooth may result in a wellspring of emotions. You may feel excited that you have a solution to repair your tooth, upset that your tooth is infected, curious about… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions: Root Canal Therapy

If you have been suffering from a toothache, the news that you need root canal therapy to improve your oral health may not be exactly what you were hoping to hear. What you may not realize, though, is that this information should be music to your ears. Yes, we realize that you may have heard a… Read more »

Quiz: What is Root Canal Therapy?

What comes to mind when you hear the words “root canal”? Thanks to rumor and misinformation, many people have a poor idea of what this safe and comfortable procedure actually involves. In reality, root canal therapy is vital for protecting the health and integrity of your smile in the event of an infection or dental… Read more »