Month: July 2018

The Problems With Charcoal For Your Smile

Activated charcoal and charcoal products have become hugely popular in the DIY scene for homes, beauty, and health. The use of charcoal ranges from beverages to cleaning supplies to beauty treatments. Many people believe that because charcoal has an absorbent qualities that it can absorb the stains on the surface of teeth, which is why… Read more »

Porcelain Veneers: FAQ for Busy Folks

Do you find yourself daydreaming about your ideal smile? Then the “what ifs…” start coming to mind. Questions like “What if too many things need fixing?” and “What if I can’t tell the dentist what I want?” First, let us assure you that Mansfield, TX dentists Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris have years of experience… Read more »

Mansfield’s End Of Summer Fun

It may be over 100 degrees in Mansfield, Texas this week, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still some fun to be outdoors. The city has lots of fun and exciting things to do for the whole family. Some of the exciting events take place outside while many take place inside (in the refreshing… Read more »

Back To School With A Healthy Smile

It’s over 100 degrees in Mansfield, Texas this week, which makes it hard to believe that most schools are back in session soon. Mansfield Independent School District returns from summer break on August 15th, which is just a couple of weeks away. The remaining weeks of summer are a great time to visit the family… Read more »

Oral Health Concerns For Seniors

Mansfield, Texas is a community rich with diversity in demographics. Older people make up a decent chunk of the city’s population. The national Centers for Disease Control recently released a study on older American’s oral health concerns, and the results were not all positive. The majority of senior citizens (over the age of 65) have… Read more »

3 Big Reasons To Treat Sleep Apnea

Millions of Americans live with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a sleep disorder that can sound a lot like snoring. Many of the people that are living with it are not diagnosed, and even of those that have had it diagnosed, fewer actually treat it. Treating sleep apnea is important for your health. Sleep apnea can… Read more »

I Think I’m Grinding My Teeth

Typically, when someone is constantly grinding their teeth, it happens at night while they are sound asleep. This begs the question then that if you are asleep when you do it, how do you know you are doing it? Well, there are a few signs that you might be grinding your teeth. One sign may… Read more »

Family Fun Around DFW

When July 4th and Memorial Day are over, it can feel like a long stretch before the next holiday. Fret not though as there are still plenty of ways to have fun with the family near Mansfield, TX, in the DFW Metroplex. While you are enjoying the laid-back schedules of the summer, why not get… Read more »

Your Tooth Decay: An Origin Story

Anthropologists have studied human beings and their teeth for a long time. Many findings show that ancient humans, ones that were hunters and gatherers, did not face much tooth decay. The reason being that a diet without sugars, grains, and carbohydrates did not cause as much decay as diets with them. Once human beings started… Read more »