Month: March 2021

The Role Dental Checkups Play In Protecting Your Gums

You can be relieved to hear your dentist tell you that you are cavity-free. With that said, dental decay should not be your only concern when you go in for a routine dental appointment! At every visit, your Mansfield, TX dentist will evaluate you for any signs of poor oral health, including signs of gum… Read more »

Using A Dental Crown To Preserve Your Bite Function

A restorative dental procedure is meant to protect you in several ways. The reason treatment is recommended is so that your dentist can properly resolve problems with dental decay. However, after decayed tissues are removed, your tooth will need long-term protection. With a custom dental crown, you can enjoy protection against new problems as well… Read more »

How We Prepare Patients For Dental Implant Placement

When tooth loss occurs, you are affected by more than just a superficial smile change. The roots of our teeth play an important role in protecting our jawbone against deterioration. Over time, someone who has lost teeth will lose mass because their roots are no longer in place to stimulate the bone and move nutrients… Read more »

Why Some Oral Health Problems Call For Root Canal Therapy

One of the goals of general dental care is to protect patients from the kinds of dental problems that call for advanced restorative dental care. Early detection and treatment of problems like tooth decay can lead to a problem’s resolution before it becomes more advanced. In other words, by attending regular dental checkups, you lower… Read more »

Should I Be Worried Over A Loose Dental Filling?

A dental filling protects a tooth after dental decay damages it; when in place, it protects you against a possible infection and ensures you can still bite and chew without difficulties. Because damage from dental decay is permanent, a filling should provide long-term protection. Unfortunately, patients sometimes experience problems with restorations that begin to feel… Read more »

How Regular Dental Visits Make Preventing Cavities Easier

During a routine visit to your Mansfield, TX dental office, you will receive a thorough check for cavities. Early cavity detection leads to earlier treatment, and that means your tooth is treated before complications can occur. Smaller cavities are treated with dental fillings, a more conservative treatment option that protects your tooth structure and preserves… Read more »

Trusting A Tooth-Colored Restoration To Address Decay

Tooth decay is not a problem you want to ignore. The trouble with putting off treatment is that a cavity will keep growing, which means you will experience more permanent harm to your tooth structure. The good news is that your Mansfield, TX dentist can provide dental fillings and dental crowns that imitate healthy tooth… Read more »