Outside of stains, which a teeth-whitening treatment can address, one of our patients’ biggest concerns is crooked teeth. Bonding and porcelain veneers may help close gaps created by crooked teeth. We can also offer our patients another way to straighten a smile: clear aligners.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners, also known as clear braces or clear orthodontics, can discreetly help straighten crooked teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces, they can be removed when you eat and clean your teeth. They are comfortable, personalized, and highly effective at helping you achieve the smile you want. We use dental technology, like digital X-rays, to get an accurate picture of your teeth and create a precise plan for fitting you with clear aligners.

Schedule a Consultation About Clear Aligners with Us

Clear aligners are a discreet and comfortable way to help straighten crooked teeth. To schedule an appointment or to find out more about how we can help you maintain healthy teeth, please contact us by calling 817-473-6227.