Back To School With A Healthy Smile

Back To School With A Healthy SmileIt’s over 100 degrees in Mansfield, Texas this week, which makes it hard to believe that most schools are back in session soon. Mansfield Independent School District returns from summer break on August 15th, which is just a couple of weeks away. The remaining weeks of summer are a great time to visit the family dentist. The schedules are a bit more relaxed during the summer, which makes it a lot easier to make and keep a dental appointment. If you or anyone in your family is going back to school, schedule a consultation now for a check-up before your return to your busy schedule.  (more…)

Oral Health Concerns For Seniors

Oral Health Concerns For SeniorsMansfield, Texas is a community rich with diversity in demographics. Older people make up a decent chunk of the city’s population. The national Centers for Disease Control recently released a study on older American’s oral health concerns, and the results were not all positive. The majority of senior citizens (over the age of 65) have had a cavity and have gum disease. As you get older, it is still essential to take care of your smile. Poor oral health can obviously affect your smile, but it can also negatively affect your overall health. If you are aware of the concerns for seniors, you may feel just a tad more inclined to take good care of your smile’s health(more…)

3 Big Reasons To Treat Sleep Apnea

3 Big Reasons To Treat Sleep ApneaMillions of Americans live with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a sleep disorder that can sound a lot like snoring. Many of the people that are living with it are not diagnosed, and even of those that have had it diagnosed, fewer actually treat it. Treating sleep apnea is important for your health. Sleep apnea can be dangerous because it increases your risk for stroke, heart disease, and more. The longer the condition goes unchecked, the higher the health risks. Your dentist in Mansfield, Texas can help you determine if your snoring could be obstructive sleep apnea and help you to treat it.  (more…)

I Think I’m Grinding My Teeth

I Think I'm Grinding My TeethTypically, when someone is constantly grinding their teeth, it happens at night while they are sound asleep. This begs the question then that if you are asleep when you do it, how do you know you are doing it? Well, there are a few signs that you might be grinding your teeth. One sign may be that you notice throughout the day, you can feel yourself clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth subconsciously. Another sign might be that you have developed tooth sensitivity or you develop cavities easily despite taking good care of your teeth. A sign that could be related to several issues is that of chronic headaches especially when you first wake up. Along with a waking headache, your mouth and jaw may feel tired in the morning. Your dentist in Mansfield, Texas can help you both determine if you are grinding your teeth and help you address it.  (more…)

Family Fun Around DFW

Family Fun Around DFWWhen July 4th and Memorial Day are over, it can feel like a long stretch before the next holiday. Fret not though as there are still plenty of ways to have fun with the family near Mansfield, TX, in the DFW Metroplex. While you are enjoying the laid-back schedules of the summer, why not get a dental checkup on your smile or someone in your family’s smile? Once that first tooth comes in, everyone should see the dentist at least twice a year or every six months. Routine exams and cleanings can help protect a smile from oral health dangers.  (more…)

Your Tooth Decay: An Origin Story

Your Tooth Decay: An Origin StoryAnthropologists have studied human beings and their teeth for a long time. Many findings show that ancient humans, ones that were hunters and gatherers, did not face much tooth decay. The reason being that a diet without sugars, grains, and carbohydrates did not cause as much decay as diets with them. Once human beings started to depend on agriculture in their diet, there was a significant increase in tooth decay. While this brief history lesson may give you a glimpse into what may have caused a shift towards tooth decay in humanity, what is the origin story of decay in your own individual smile? Your dentist in Mansfield, TX, can help you detect and deal with tooth decay.  (more…)

Why Should My Child Get Sealants?

Why Should My Child Get Sealants?As a parent, you strive to provide your child with the best life you can give them. In doing so, you try to protect them from harm and set them up for a successful future, right? Protecting your child’s smile means keeping their smile healthy and free of danger along with setting them up for a lifelong of good oral health. It’s summer in Mansfield, TX, which means your child(ren) no longer has school until August. Summertime is an excellent time to set up dental appointments for kids, and it is a great time to think about treatments to protect their smiles. Let’s discuss why dental sealants can be a useful option for children’s smiles. (more…)

Can My Dentist Help Me Get A Brighter Summer Smile?

Can My Dentist Help Me Get A Brighter Summer Smile?It is officially summer in Mansfield, Texas. It’s hot and the sun is shining bright. When it comes to this most sunshiny time of the year, you may be thinking that you want to update your appearance in some way. Many people choose to brighten up their smile for the season. But with all of the aisles of whitening products at the store and with all of the online videos of do-it-yourself whitening treatments, how do you know the best way to get your smile bright? Your dentist is an excellent resource for whitening your smile. Not only can your dentist provide professional-grade whitening treatments, but your dentist can also customize treatment for your smile all while keeping an eye out for potential trouble or issues.  (more…)

Rockin’ 4th Of July In Mansfield

Rockin' 4th Of July In MansfieldIndependence Day is right around the corner and Mansfield, Texas always goes big for it. The 4th of July is the essential summer holiday filled with celebration, cookouts, fireworks, and fun. Do you have a yearly tradition with your family of where you go to celebrate? Do you go to the same place every year to watch fireworks? Mansfield is hosting it’s annual 4th of July celebration for its 11th year: the Rockin’ 4th of July Celebration! Children can enjoy the bounce houses, slides and carnival-style games. Older kids can try their skills on the rock climbing wall, home run derby, tennis games or smash car. (more…)

Can Porcelain Veneers Help My Smile?

Can Porcelain Veneers Help My Smile?One of the greatest benefits of customized porcelain veneers is that they so closely resemble healthy, natural teeth that they look very lifelike and blend right in with your smile. Porcelain veneers are bonded to the front of teeth and they can improve your smile’s appearance by addressing several different types of blemishes all at once. Veneers can address multiple issues, such as severe discoloration, chips, or uneven spacing, at once on multiple teeth. Porcelain veneers can provide you with a smile makeover that can still feel natural-looking.  (more…)