Catch Your Cavity Early!

Mansfield Cavities

Most of us have experienced a cavity at some point. They can surface due to poor hygiene or even health issues such as acid reflux. There is good news, though. Cavities caught in the earliest stages can be reversed. In this blog, your Mansfield, TX, dentist discusses’ the benefits of maintaining dental check-ups to catch potential cavities early, how to prevent them, and what to do if the cavity has already progressed too far.


A Reliable Treatment For Teeth Stains

Smiling black man outdoors in beanie capAre your teeth as bright as you would like them to be? Why can stains be so difficult to avoid for certain people? The food and drinks we select can have a big impact on the mark they leave behind, and you may even be born with softer enamel than others that collects debris. Keeping track of which individual products cause problems can become rather difficult as the list adds up!  Fortunately, with solutions such as professional teeth whitening, you can restore your bright smile and reverse discoloration when it takes hold of your teeth.

At your Mansfield, TX dental practice, we can help you retain a beautiful grin you can be proud to show off! Our whitening service customizes to your particular condition, going beyond the capabilities of a typical store-bought treatment. With years of experience, we can help avoid damaging sensitive gums while lifting years of stains from your teeth. For your convenience, we offer this service in a single trip to our office, or with a kit for use at home. (more…)

A Treatment For Tartar Buildup

Latino girl smiling on orange background

Did you know that tartar deposits can hurt your smile and stay on your teeth even when you brush and floss every day? While sticky plaque film can be cleaned each morning and evening, tartar is a hard calcified bacterial deposit that is resistant to your daily oral hygiene efforts. This means that visiting your dentist is necessary to receive a professional cleaning to remove these deposits and help you prevent decay and disease.

At your Mansfield, TX dental practice, we target plaque and tartar when cleaning your teeth to help you maintain a robust smile. At each appointment, we examine the results of your at-home care to identify problem areas that require professional treatment. (more…)