Can Sealants Protect My Smile?

Can Sealants Protect My Smile?Dental sealants are a thin protective layer of bio-compatible plastic material that is applied directly to your teeth. Sealants protect the enamel of your teeth against harmful bacteria and acid. The sealants can prevent plaque and bacteria buildup from hiding in the nooks and crannies of and between your teeth. Dental sealants are often used to protect children’s teeth, as children have a higher risk of developing cavities due to their less thorough hygiene and possible love for candy. Dental sealants can be appropriately used for adults, too. Some adults are susceptible to tooth decay due to genetics or health issues or their possible love for candy.  (more…)

How A Filling Saves Your Tooth

How A Filling Saves Your ToothPrevention and early treatment of dental problems are the best ways to protect your teeth. Tooth decay can often be prevented with good oral hygiene, mindful eating and drinking, and regular visits to your dentist. But even with our best effort, tooth decay can still happen to cause cavities in our teeth. Once tooth decay causes a cavity in your tooth’s enamel, it is important to treat it to stop the tooth decay from spreading. A filling can stop tooth decay from going further inside your tooth.  (more…)

Nearby Places To Look At Christmas Lights

Nearby Places To Look At Christmas Lights The first week of December is almost finished, which means that we are well into the holiday season. Part of the joy of holidays is the decorations including the sparkle and wonder of Christmas lights. In and near the City of Mansfield, TX, there are plenty of neighborhoods to stroll through to see some beautiful displays. There are also places besides neighborhoods that are solely dedicated to the wonder of lights this time of year. We have compiled a list of lights nearby that you and your family can enjoy.  (more…)

Smiles Can Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Smiles Can Stay Healthy During The HolidaysFor many people the holiday season can mean a time of overindulgence. The abundance of cookies may have you putting off the thoughts of being healthful until the new year. While tradition and joy should remain throughout your holidays, it is important to remember to protect your smile. There are ways to enjoy the season without being completely naughty to your teeth and gums. Try a balance of healthy swaps in place of the sweet, rich treats of the season. Remind yourself to drink plenty of water to rinse away the danger. Keeping up with your oral hygiene routines can help to keep you on the right track.  (more…)

Protect Yourself With Oral Cancer Screenings

oral cancer screeningsOral cancer can be deadly at the late stages, but very treatable in the early stages. Oral cancer screenings save lives by detecting oral cancer during these early stages. During dental checkups, your dentist can perform an oral cancer screening that is normally painless and takes very little time. Your mouth, neck, face, and lips can be examined for any signs of oral cancer during your checkup every six months. However, if you notice any abnormalities or new developments in your mouth or surrounding areas, you may want to schedule a consultation with your dentist immediately rather than waiting for your regularly scheduled checkup.  (more…)

Mansfield’s Hometown Holidays

Mansfield's Hometown HolidaysThe holiday season has begun! This weekend, beginning on December 1st, kicks off Mansfield’s Hometown Holidays event. The entire weekend is full of fun and entertainment for your entire family. Starting on Friday night where there will be fireworks, games, live music, entertainment, Santa Claus visits and pictures, and the official lighting of the tree at City Hall. On Friday, there will also be a Holiday Market featuring local artisans, artists, and crafters selling their fantastic wares and treats. The Holiday Market focuses on locally-sourced foods and goods. On Saturday, the annual Fa La La 5K will happen along with the holiday parade through historic downtown Mansfield, Texas. At night on Saturday, there will be a special concert at the Mansfield ISD Center For The Performing Arts. The concert will benefit the district’s cultural arts programs. Hometown Holidays events will end on Sunday with the Tour of Holiday Homes.  (more…)

Improving Your Smile With Cosmetic Bonding

Improving Your Smile With Cosmetic BondingA smile only needs improving if it is unhealthy or if it makes you feel insecure. If you have unhealthy teeth, you may need restorative help to get you back into tip-top shape. If you have a smile that makes you feel insecure, cosmetic dentistry may help get you that confidence boost of a smile. Dental bonding can be a conservative and cost-effective cosmetic option that can alter the size, shape, or appearance of your tooth or teeth. If you have deep stains, chips or cracks, or oddly sized or shaped teeth, dental bonding can address it.  (more…)

What Can Porcelain Veneers Do For My Smile?

What Can Porcelain Veneers Do For My Smile?Do you find yourself using your hand to cover your mouth when you laugh? Maybe you get insecure about smiling because you do not feel confident about teeth. You should be able to smile confidently without worrying about your the flaws in your teeth. Flaws like deep discoloration, asymmetrical shapes or sizes, and irregular spacing. These types of cosmetic issues that may make you feel insecure can be addressed with cosmetic dentistry like porcelain veneers. Your smile can be upgraded to make you feel more confident.  (more…)

Why Ask My Dentist About Teeth Whitening?

Why Ask My Dentist About Teeth Whitening?Has your smile’s dull appearance come to your attention? Do you notice it in the mirror while you brush your teeth? Maybe you have begun to consider trying a whitening treatment. These days you can find nearly entire aisles at the grocery or department store dedicated to whitening your teeth. You can find videos online about how to whiten your smile’s appearance using things you find in your kitchen. With all of these options available, why should you consult with your dentist about whitening your teeth? There are some reasons that it is important to talk to your dentist about whitening your smile.  (more…)