How Clear Aligners Change Your Appearance

There are different strategies that our Mansfield, TX dental office can recommend to patients who want to do something about how they look when they smile. What may surprise you is that we can offer help to individuals who want to do something about poor teeth spacing. Instead of saving this matter for an orthodontic specialist, you can meet with us to learn how clear aligners can help you! A set of these appliances will allow you to discreetly move teeth into their more appropriate positions. As time passes, you can progressively straighten teeth so that your smile becomes more uniform and attractive. Because this is not your only option for treatment, we can discuss alternative services as well as follow-up care to further improve how you look. (more…)

Dental Bonding For Smile Flaws

A small, isolated flaw can be enough to disrupt a person’s smile and hurt the quality of their appearance. One misshapen, blemished, or injured tooth can pull a frustrating amount of focus from others, which can tarnish how you look and hurt your overall confidence. At our Mansfield, TX dental practice, we can offer support for this kind of cosmetic concern. Dental bonding procedures make conservative treatments possible, as we can hide flaws after just one appointment, and we can do so without permanent restorations. This procedure is just one of several that we offer to patients interested in smile improvements. (more…)

Summertime Family Dental Care

The summer can be a great time to take on many different activities. In addition to planning fun outings for your family, you can use this as time to take care of important matters, including those that concern your health. For example, you can use this time to set up dental visits for your household. Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office can help with this by making dental services available to patients of all ages, so you can bring everyone for their dental checkups. At every age, routine care is important for providing updates on matters of dental and periodontal health. For adults, these appointments offer useful feedback about the state of your smile and the effectiveness of your hygiene routine. These visits have additional value for kids, who can receive instructions and guidance on smile care as well as reviews to make sure they have no developmental issues. (more…)

How Implant Dentistry Prevents Oral Health Trouble

Tooth loss is a serious problem on its own. Unfortunately, when it is not treated, more difficulties can affect your oral health. In time, you can actually lose more teeth, as those at either side of your gap are not receiving the full support they should enjoy. You also need to worry about bite difficulties that lead to TMJ pain and excess wear and tear on remaining teeth. A long-term concern is with jawbone deterioration, something that happens when teeth roots are no longer present and providing stimulation to the bone. At our Mansfield, TX dental office, we can recommend that you replace a lost tooth with a dental implant-held restoration. By doing so, you can both restore your complete smile and avoid complications with your oral health that can occur over time. (more…)

Tell Your Dentist About Nightly Teeth Grinding

Nightly problems with teeth grinding and clenching can have consequences that follow you throughout the day. The pressure from this activity can affect more than just your teeth. You can put persistent stress on your jaw joints and muscles, which can lead to problems with TMJ disorder that lead to chronic discomfort as well as frequent headaches. The wear and tear on your enamel can also result in unwelcome smile changes, and can actually result in chips and cracks that require restorative treatment! Let your Mansfield, TX dentist know if you are experiencing the effects of nightly teeth grinding and clenching. By addressing this persistent problem, we can prevent it from doing further harm to your appearance, health, and quality of life. (more…)

How Can I Address Tough Enamel Stains?

As teeth stains accumulate and settle, they can become difficult to remove and hard for you to ignore. The longer you take in doing something about this problem, the more they can accumulate, and the more time you spend wanting to keep your smile hidden from view. While it can be hard to make the improvements you want to see with store bought whitening agents, your Mansfield, TX dentist can help. We can talk to you about the advantages to professional teeth whitening treatment. With the use of advanced bleaching agents, we can fight the tougher stains that you have accumulated in order to give you significant overall improvements! (more…)

Booking Your Next Routine Dental Exam

How often should you see your dentist? Appointments are for more than just discussing active concerns about your health and appearance. You should have semiannual dental exams booked in order to stay informed about the state of your smile. At our Mansfield, TX dental practice, we can keep you informed about the condition of your teeth and gums. In doing this, we are able to provide you with timely warnings about any issues that might require restorative care. We can also make sure your teeth are thoroughly cleaned so that tartar and plaque are removed before they can cause new problems. (more…)

Exploring Implant Dentistry And Its Impact

Once you lose a tooth, it can feel as though your smile and oral health will never be the same. Even if the gap in your smile is difficult to see, it can be hard to stop worrying over the possibility that others can tell, and it can also prove difficult to perform basic biting and chewing tasks without being aware of the absence. As time passes, there are more problems to worry about, such as the development of TMJ disorder, the loss of more teeth, and the loss of density in your jawbone. Fortunately, the right approach to prosthetic dental work can take on these different matters. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we can help you understand the positive impact that implant dentistry can have on your appearance and quality of life! (more…)

How Are Advanced Cavities Cared For?

If you go into a routine dental exam without obvious symptoms of poor smile health, you can be surprised to learn that you have a cavity. Decay can become an issue before we realize that something is wrong. When it is caught in time, a conservative restorative procedure is all that you can require to have the matter resolved. However, there are times when patients will only seek treatment when they feel that something is not right with their smile. In these situations, it is more likely that someone will need treatment for advanced dental decay. Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office can help with this. When it is needed, we can provide root canal therapy in order to resolve a cavity that is serious enough to affect the internal structure of your tooth. (more…)

Sustained Support From Crowns

The strength of our dental enamel makes it possible for us to bite and chew through many tougher foods, and it helps us preserve the overall health of our teeth through the years. Unfortunately, when dental problems occur, we remain in a vulnerable state until we have the appropriate treatment. Your Mansfield, TX dentist can provide that treatment with a durable, personalized dental crown. When you need more than a dental filling to take on a problem with your well-being, we can use a crown to surround the tooth and keep it safe. We can take care to provide one that is just the right shape and size, and we can even see to it that your smile is not altered by its placement! (more…)