Month: August 2022

Covering Damage Through Dental Bonding Work

There are different reasons why people grow unhappy with their smile. While some of those problems are the result of gradually worsening issues, such as the buildup of enamel stains or worsening wear and tear, one unlucky moment that results in a chipped or cracked tooth can give you a near-immediate problem with your appearance…. Read more »

Useful Information About Tooth Decay

Are you missing out on important information on tooth decay, its prevention, and its treatment? You may have a hard time finding someone who is not aware of cavities and how they harm teeth. However, you may be surprised at just how important dental visits are to their prevention and what the right restorative treatment… Read more »

How Veneers Treat Smile Flaws

As long as you have smile flaws that attract unwanted attention, you can find it hard to feel truly comfortable with your appearance. You should know that this is something your dentist can address even when the source of your frustration does not concern your oral health. Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office can take care… Read more »

Long-Term Stability From A Dental Prosthetic

How much good will a dental prosthetic do for you? Can you count on it to provide anything beyond the opportunity to restore your appearance when you smile and speak? At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we can provide positive results from prosthetic treatment that can improve how you look, restore your bite function, and… Read more »

Advantages To Providing Tooth-Colored Fillings

When you take good care of your smile and keep up with a consistent routine for dental exams and cleanings, our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office can help you avoid the kinds of problems that require treatment. With that said, problems sometimes still need to be addressed. By having them caught and treated in time, you… Read more »

Is My Crown Going To Stay In Place?

How long will you need to depend on the support that a crown provides a vulnerable tooth? Unfortunately, once a problem is serious enough to require this kind of treatment, a restoration will have to remain in place permanently. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we can take care to provide a crown that is… Read more »

When You Need To Arrange A Root Canal

Unfortunately, there will be permanent damage to your tooth structure when a cavity forms. In some cases, decay can become such a severe problem that the right restorative treatment has to access and care for the pulp, the chamber within the tooth structure. What can you expect if you need to deal with a problem… Read more »

Treatments For Dull And Discolored Teeth

The embarrassment you feel because of dental discoloration can be hard to shake. Unfortunately, when you try to take the problem on without help, you can feel stuck with a smile that is dull and unsightly. This can be due to issues with stains that are tough to effectively care for, but it could also… Read more »

Implant Dentistry And Smile Restoration

The complete restoration of your smile can mean taking on significant issues, including tooth loss. When you start to explore what a prosthetic can do for you, it can be exciting to learn that there is a treatment solution that improves your dental health and bite function as well as your appearance. Our Mansfield, TX… Read more »