Month: February 2015

TMD: True-or-False Quiz

If suffering from daily discomfort in your jaw or surrounding area has simply become a normal part of your life, we encourage you to speak with us about TMD treatment. The longer you ignore the signs of a jaw problem, the greater your chances of experiencing long-term damage that we may otherwise easily prevent with… Read more »

Mulch Madness in Mansfield

Are you a gardening enthusiast? Do you feel particularly strong about taking care of your soil and plants? Wish you could find a way to keep weeds at bay, promote more fertile soil, or to keep your soil moist? A little mulch might help – which you probably already know. And if the idea of… Read more »

Bruxism Quick Facts

Has anyone ever mentioned to you that they can hear you grinding your teeth? Perhaps you wake up in the morning with some discomfort in your jaw. You may be suffering from a treatable disorder called bruxism, or teeth grinding. While you may think to yourself, “A lot of people grind their teeth, I’m sure… Read more »

Oral Cancer and Screenings: Quick Facts

You probably don’t like thinking about oral cancer, which is exactly why we encourage you to visit us regularly for visual oral cancer tests. When it comes to this progressive disease, we have the capacity to recognize early changes in the lining of your mouth often long before you recognize a change. By allowing us… Read more »

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Are you ready to achieve a beautiful white smile while saying goodbye to discoloration, staining, or a darkened appearance? Fortunately, teeth whitening can dramatically whiten your smile, so you feel confident about the way your smile looks. We realize you may not be so sure, however, about whether this treatment is for you. You may… Read more »

Why Your Child Needs Dental Sealants

If you have been practicing brushing and flossing with your child at home and scheduling preventive dental visits, you are doing a wonderful job. However, we often find that parents wonder if there’s anything else they can be doing to protect the oral health of their children. In this case, our top answer usually includes… Read more »

Animal Extravaganza Week? Yes, Please.

Do you love everything and anything to do with animals? Do you have trouble imagining anything more exciting and adorable than a week dedicated solely to our furry, feathered, or scale-covered friends? Then you may feel a bit overwhelmed when you learn about Animal Extravaganza Week in Mansfield. About the Event A week of celebrating… Read more »

Digital X-Rays: Your FAQs

When it comes to providing our patients with the comfort they deserve, one of the ways we ensure this is with the use of advanced technology like digital X-rays. While you likely have a solid understanding of what this type of imaging is used for – it gives us a closer look at the internal… Read more »