Month: May 2021

Protecting A Vulnerable Tooth With A Crown

Our teeth are strong enough to perform a difficult job – tearing and breaking down a wide range of foods over many years – but they are not completely impervious to damage. The right effort to care for them should include both daily oral hygiene habits and visits with your dentist for routine care. If… Read more »

Should I Be Worried About A Root Canal?

The idea that you might need restorative dental work because of an oral health issue can be concerning. With that said, letting your worries over treatment keep you out of the dentist’s office can have consequences. If you delay care, a problem can grow worse, and that can lead to more complications. If your tooth’s… Read more »

Restoring A Smile Affected By Stains

We can pick up teeth stains from many different foods and drinks, as well as from tobacco products. Eventually, the particles that these items leave on our enamel can change the way we look, and that can lead to frustration as well as a loss of confidence. What can you do to restore your smile… Read more »