Month: September 2020

Helpful Information Regarding Root Canal Therapy

While many people know that root canal therapy is sometimes needed to restore a person’s oral health, they can lack information the procedure’s purpose. That lack of understanding may make the idea of a root canal more intimidating, leading them to avoid treatment even when they have a tooth in poor health! At our Mansfield,… Read more »

Can Better Bite Alignment Help You Address Jaw Pain?

Jaw pain can turn into a recurring problem for some patients, one that also involves problems with headaches, stiff or limited jaw movement, and even problems with teeth grinding. These issues are linked to a TMJ disorder, or TMD, a problem that can have a lasting negative effect on your quality of life. At our… Read more »

Smile Improvements That Dental Bonding Procedures Provide

People lack confidence in their smile for several reasons. The unfortunate truth is that even small flaws can cause significant worry over your appearance, as they can change your facial symmetry and demand outsized attention. If you are currently uncomfortable with your smile, or if you just see room for improvements, you can be happy… Read more »

We Can Make Sure Your Filling Matches Your Tooth Color

If you have to have a cavity treated, a restoration will be used to keep your tooth safe after decay is removed. Will this lead to a change in your smile? Are you going to be stuck with a conspicuous dental filling or crown that draws unwanted attention to itself? At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s… Read more »

The Role General Dental Exams Play In Cavity Prevention

The right approach to cavity prevention will see you consistently brush and floss your teeth, take care to limit your consumption of sugary products, and see your dentist for general oral health evaluations. These preventive dental appointments offer thorough teeth cleanings along with evaluations to determine if there are any early signs of trouble that… Read more »

Restoring The Appearance Of Chipped Teeth With Veneers

Chipping can affect your smile even if the damage to your enamel is not serious enough to call for restorative dental work. Your teeth may start to look chipped because of gradual wear and tear, or after an injury causes permanent damage. If the harm to your smile is not serious enough for restorative treatment,… Read more »

Finding The Right Approach To Making Your Smile Whiter

Even though you take care each day to brush and floss your teeth, you seem to be unable to address the stains that have hurt the quality of your smile. Teeth stains can stubbornly resist removal when they build up on your enamel, and even store bought whitening kits can have less effect than you… Read more »

What Dental Implants Do For Patients With Missing Teeth

How much impact will tooth loss ultimately have on you? If you arrange prosthetic dental work, what kind of benefits can you expect? With the support of dental implants, patients who receive restorations to replace missing teeth can enjoy more than just the cosmetic benefits of prosthetic treatment. Implants act like artificial roots to hold… Read more »