Category: Preventive Dentistry

Tips For Sticking To Habits That Prevent Cavity Troubles

If someone asked you what a good oral health care routine looked like, you may be ready to name different habits that someone should follow. Unfortunately, people who know what they should do to take care of their teeth sometimes fail to live up to the standards they recognize as being so important. At our… Read more »

You Should Not Ignore Issues With Tooth Pain Or Sensitivity

Why should you take your concerns about tooth pain or sensitivity to your dentist? If you are having difficulties with dental discomfort, you may be experiencing potential symptoms of a problem that will only worsen as time passes. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, you can discuss your troubles and have an evaluation of your… Read more »

What Impact Can Aging Have On A Person’s Oral Health?

When it comes to caring for your smile, will you have to adjust your current approach as you age? What effect can the years have on your ability to prevent dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease? While it is certainly possible to maintain a lovely and healthy smile through the years, problems that… Read more »

Can Poor Sleeping Habits Affect A Person’s Oral Health?

How often do you find yourself feeling groggy and irritable because you had a poor night’s rest? One night of troubled or insufficient sleep can be difficult enough, but the problem can worsen if you repeatedly lack proper rest. Your oral health may be affected by these problems. Changes in your energy levels can affect… Read more »

3 Issues That Can Make Your Oral Care Routine Less Effective

Are you doing enough to make sure that your smile is safe from tartar buildup, stains, and dental decay? People who are confident in their oral care routine are sometimes surprised to learn that they will need to undergo restorative dental work. While you may feel comfortable with your oral care routine, you may be… Read more »

Stress Can Interfere With Efforts To Care For Your Smile

When your efforts to protect your smile are interrupted, you are more likely to discover that you require restorative dental work at your next routine dental checkup. Unfortunately, there may be points in your life where you have a more difficult time giving your teeth and gums the attention that they deserve. When a person… Read more »

Treating Smiles With Advanced Technology

We strive to help people in Mansfield, TX, enjoy optimal oral health, addressing common smile health issues, preferably in the earliest stages. In order to carefully examine the smile and offer the most appropriate treatment options, we may examine the smile and plan treatment using advanced technology. How do digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, and CBCT… Read more »

Schedule Your Oral Cancer Screening!

At least once a year, adults need to see their dentist for an oral cancer screening. We provide these for our Mansfield, TX, patients, which helps them maintain optimal oral health and catch serious problems in the earliest stages. Find out why you should schedule your oral cancer screening today!

4 Tips For Avoiding Gum Disease

Did you know that once gum disease forms, there is no cure? Instead, routine care will be necessary to manage the disease and prevent serious complications, such as adult tooth loss. But what can people in Mansfield, TX, do you avoid the onset of periodontal disease in the first place? Let’s find out how preventive… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Avoiding Tooth Decay

From what we eat to how well we brush, a number of factors could impact our risk of developing cavities. When cavities form, we may experience discomfort and eventually, an elevated risk of dental infection. But what can people in Mansfield, TX, do to avoid the onset of tooth decay? Let’s talk about the benefits… Read more »