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We Can Protect Teeth From Nightly Jaw Grinding And Clenching

After a peaceful night’s sleep, you can feel refreshed and ready to take on your day’s activities. However, you may feel less than wonderful when you wake up after a night of grinding or clenching your teeth. This unconscious habit can cause wear and tear that changes your smile, and it can put stress on… Read more »

Worried About Jaw Pain And Stiffness? TMD Treatment Can Help

Are you finding that jaw pain and stiffness is a more frequent issue for you? Is the discomfort interrupting more meals, or making it harder for you to laugh or speak? Have you experienced symptoms of nightly teeth grinding during your recent mornings? These are issues that often affect people who have TMD. TMD, or… Read more »

TMD Treatment Can Lead To Relief From Chronic Jaw Pain

Living with TMD can be difficult. You can become all too aware of just how often we move our jaw to bite, chew, speak, laugh, and yawn when these motions start to become uncomfortable because of stiffness or pain. The causes of TMD vary. Some only develop persistent jaw problems after they pick up a… Read more »

Can Better Bite Alignment Help You Address Jaw Pain?

Jaw pain can turn into a recurring problem for some patients, one that also involves problems with headaches, stiff or limited jaw movement, and even problems with teeth grinding. These issues are linked to a TMJ disorder, or TMD, a problem that can have a lasting negative effect on your quality of life. At our… Read more »

Nightly Issues We Can Treat With Custom Oral Appliances

A good night’s rest is important for your mental and physical health. Unfortunately, some people develop problems that affect them while they sleep, so this period can actually create trouble for them. Individuals who grind their teeth while they sleep are dealing with a problem known as bruxism. This issue interferes with their well-being because… Read more »

Is Your Jaw Movement Stiff And Painful? It Could Be TMD

Why are basic jaw movements starting to cause you pain? Something as simple as biting, laughing, or speaking can become difficult over time because of temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. Without treatment, this condition can lead to chronic jaw pain, problems with headaches, and teeth grinding issues that can wear down your enamel and lead… Read more »

Take On Problems That Are Responsible For Your Jaw Pain

Aches and pains in any part of your body can be hard to ignore, but you can find it particularly difficult to avoid aggravating existing problems with jaw pain. The more time you spend with this problem, the more difficult it can become to comfortably move your jaw while you speak, bite, chew, and laugh…. Read more »

Tackling Problems With Teeth Grinding And TMJ Dysfunction

When you suffer from issues like TMJ dysfunction (TMD) and bruxism, pain can start to feel like an inevitable part of your daily life. When you wake up, you can experience soreness and sensitivity from grinding your teeth. As you go about your day, you can feel chronic pain in your face, neck, and head,… Read more »

Bruxism And TMD Treatment Can Protect Your Smile

Bruxism and TMD can certainly make you uncomfortable, but can they really affect the quality of your smile? When it comes to TMD, the pain you deal with on a regular basis may make you uncomfortable to the point that you hardly want to smile. The assortment of discomforts you experience can include headaches, stiffness… Read more »

Your Dentist Can Provide Relief From TMD

Is TMD affecting your life? The condition – a shortened name for temporomandibular joint disorder – can be a source of acute, chronic pain. Those who deal with it can have functional issues, as they can have a harder time operating their jaw to speak, or to eat. You can feel pain in your jaw… Read more »