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What Can I Do About Jaw Pain?

When you have problems with jaw pain, you can experience difficulties with actions as simple as biting, chewing, laughing, and speaking. In other words, you can look forward to having problems that affect you throughout the day! Having a problem with poor jaw alignment and movement can create stress that leads to difficulties with discomfort… Read more »

Sharing Your Concerns Over TMJ Pain

How often do you find yourself struggling with pain from what should be basic jaw movement? Does it seem as though you more frequently have problems with headaches, or that you are often struggling with neck and shoulder discomfort? These are all warnings that you are struggling with TMJ disorder. If this is the case,… Read more »

When Patients Start Care For TMD

When a person begins to experience problems with their jaw joints and muscles, their quality of life can take a worrying dip, one that they will have a difficult time ignoring. Problems with your TMJs can lead to chronic pain and stiffness, and it can increase the frequency of your headaches. Another concern is that… Read more »

Should I Look Into Treatment For TMD?

If you feel as if jaw pain is a steadily worsening problem for your life, you may need to discuss the matter with your dentist. The discomfort you feel could be from TMJ disorder, also known as TMD, which can lead to several kinds of pain as well as stiffness in your bite movement. People… Read more »

Look Out For Symptoms Of TMD

When the symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) become a part of your daily life, it can be difficult to ignore them. Increased issues with headaches, problems with jaw stiffness and painful or limited movement, facial soreness, and trouble with teeth grinding can all affect you when you have this issue. Fortunately, this is a… Read more »

How Can I Identify TMJ Problems?

Is your recent trouble with jaw pain and stiffness really worth discussing with your dentist? If you have a persistent problem with pain, limited movement, or discomfort in your face, neck, and head, it could be because of TMJ disorder. This is a problem that can be traced back to poor jaw joint alignment and… Read more »

Teeth Grinding And Its Consequences

A habit of thoroughly brushing and flossing your teeth at night will help you protect your smile. However, a habit of clenching and grinding your jaw, something many people do unconsciously while they sleep, can end up having a negative impact. What can you do if you struggle with this issue? If you do not… Read more »

Discussing TMJ Pain At A Dental Exam

At your dental exam, you can talk to your dentist about more than just your possible cavity troubles, or what you can do to keep up a good oral hygiene routine. If you have ongoing difficulties with pain and stiffness in your face and jaw, TMJ disorder can be the cause. By addressing this with… Read more »

Enjoying Life Without Persistent Jaw Pain

You can quickly grow tired of living with persistent jaw pain. Stiffness and discomfort can interfere with your mood throughout the day, and it can stop you from enjoying meals and snacks that are harder to chew. You should know that problems with the alignment of your jaw, along with stress on the joints and… Read more »

How Jaw Problems Lead To Headaches

Should you trace your recent uptick in headaches to problems with your jaw, or with the way you bite and chew? Over time, a person who is not dealing with an uneven bite motion, or with poor joint alignment, can start to experience pain in their face and jaw, neck stiffness and discomfort, and difficulties… Read more »