Should you trace your recent uptick in headaches to problems with your jaw, or with the way you bite and chew? Over time, a person who is not dealing with an uneven bite motion, or with poor joint alignment, can start to experience pain in their face and jaw, neck stiffness and discomfort, and difficulties with headaches. Fortunately, troubles with your jaw joints and muscles, referred to as TMD, can be addressed by your Mansfield, TX dentist! At an appointment, we can determine if TMD is an issue for you, and we can find a solution that reduces stress and alignment concerns to reduce your issues with pain and sensitivity.

Should You Talk To Your Dentist About Your Headaches?

It may seem odd to bring up headaches with your dentist. However, you can find that your troubles are actually being caused by unresolved issues with your jaw joint alignment and bite movement! TMD sufferers experience a range of discomforts. Issues with pain that affects your jaw, face, and head can stem from different causes. After confirming that a problem has led to uneven joint movement or excess stress on your joints and muscles, your dentist can address your difficulties with a custom oral appliance.

Recognizing Symptoms Of TMD

In addition to experiencing headaches on a recurring basis, a problem with TMD can cause issues such as the following:

  • Trouble with jaw stiffness or sensitivity
  • Uneven jaw movement
  • Pain in your face, jaw, neck, and head
  • A tendency to grind your teeth, particularly at night

Someone who experiences these issues can bring them up during a dental appointment. When this problem is identified, we can recommend using a custom oral appliance to encourage your jaw to rest in a more comfortable and balanced position. If necessary, we can also discuss restorative dental work to improve your bite function and reduce stress.

Regular Checkups Keep You Better Informed About Your Oral Health!

At every routine dental appointment, your dentist can check for signs of TMD as well as issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Our goal during a regular visit is to find any problem that might affect your appearance and quality of life, then recommend the appropriate treatment to stop the matter from growing more serious. These regular visits also provide you support in the form of a teeth cleaning that will remove plaque and tartar and lower your risk for oral health difficulties.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About The Possible Link Between Your Headaches And Jaw Problems

Your Mansfield, TX dentist can talk with you about your headaches, their potential link to problems with your jaw, and the benefits of TMD treatment! To find out more about our practice and services, you can reach out to Mansfield Dental Associates by calling 817-473-6227.

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