Month: November 2021

Why Tooth Pain May Call For A Root Canal

Is it time to start worrying about that aching tooth? When pain continues to make you uneasy, or if the discomfort is severe, you should not take the problem lightly. These are signs that you have an infection that will need to be addressed by your dentist. Others to watch out for include problems with… Read more »

3 Reasons To Choose Tooth Bonding Treatment

When you come to the conclusion that you want to undergo cosmetic treatment, you can talk with your Mansfield, TX dentist about what your goals are for smile improvement, as well as your concerns about what a procedure might entail. One of the services that you can explore is tooth bonding treatment, a conservative form… Read more »

Be Consistent About Dental Cleanings

Hopefully, you do a good job consistently cleaning your teeth each day. Brushing and flossing regularly will help you avoid trouble with your oral health over time, and it will help you preserve a smile that makes you feel confident. As important as it is to carefully and consistently clean your smile on your own,… Read more »

Improving Smiles With Clear Aligners

If you want to do something about excess space between teeth, problems with crowding that make teeth look jagged or uneven, and other problems linked to poor alignment, treatment with clear aligners can help. Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office can provide this service to help people who feel frustrated by the effect that misaligned teeth… Read more »

Implant Dentistry And Bite Stability

The way you bite and chew can be altered after tooth loss. This can lead to frustration, but it can also make you worryingly vulnerable to difficulties with your oral health over time. An uneven jaw movement can tax your joints and muscles, which can lead to problems with pain and stiffness associated with TMJ… Read more »

Lifelike Dental Work With Porcelain Crowns

There are times when teeth need the long-term support of permanent dental crowns. Does this mean your smile will be changed forever? Can you really receive treatment that preserves your bite function as well as your appearance? At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, you can receive a custom porcelain dental crown that offers cosmetic as… Read more »

Providing Smile Care For Families

Is everyone in your family receiving the right kind of oral health support? Is it possible to make sure everyone in your household is receiving that support at one location? At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we provide family oral health care, which means we can meet with kids and adults to provide ongoing support… Read more »

Ways To Improve The Color Of Your Smile

As your teeth start to dull or take on a yellowish tint, your confidence in your appearance can shrink. It can prove harder than you anticipate to fight enamel stains. Even after making changes in your diet to avoid further problems, you can feel frustrated by an inability to remove stains that are already present…. Read more »