Month: December 2019

How Do We Extract Your Tooth?

Oral surgery is often crucial for keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. In today’s blog, your Mansfield, TX, dentists will take a look at a common oral surgical procedure: dental extraction. Let’s talk about when your smile benefits from having a tooth removed, and what steps we take to facilitate a complication-free healing process.

A Full Smile Once More With Dentures

In our last blog, we focused on dental bridges, a prosthetic that addresses between one and three missing teeth in a row. But what if you’ve lost more teeth, and in several places spread out across your smile? What if nearly all of your teeth are gone? Find out how your Mansfield, TX, dentists address… Read more »

Can Dental Implants Last A Lifetime?

Addressing tooth loss means preventing serious problems for your smile down the road, including an aged appearance. Your Mansfield, TX, dentists may replace your missing teeth with dental implants, which last longer than most tooth replacement alternatives, such as bridges and dentures. But! Does that mean they can really last a lifetime?

Holiday Happenings In Mansfield

Now that the holidays are a few days away, we would love to take a look at more holiday events taking place in Mansfield, TX. Be sure to find time to check out these events with your friends, family, and out of town visitors. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a… Read more »

Bonding Offers Lifelike Smile Repair In One Sitting

Did you know that we often repair and restore smiles in Mansfield, TX, in just one sitting? In today’s blog, we would like to highlight one procedure in particular that can often address an array of esthetic issues in just one visit: dental bonding. When should you see us for bonding, and how do we… Read more »

Planning Your Dental Implant Placement With Advanced Technology

We have a number of options for providing our Mansfield, TX, residents with a strong and lifelike replacements for missing teeth. From bridges to dentures, we can address minor and advanced tooth loss. However, we also have dental implants, which provide longer-lasting solutions. Let’s talk about planning and placing your new teeth with advanced technology.

Preserving Your Smile With A Dental Bridge

When we lose a tooth, this could lead to major changes to your smile’s health, alignment, and stability. In order to prevent these complications, we recommend replacing missing teeth as soon as possible. In today’s blog, your Mansfield, TX, dentists talk about how we replace lost teeth with a custom-made dental bridge.

How Do We Create A Porcelain Crown?

When a patient needs a filling, we provide a metal-free option that blends with the smile. For those in need of more substantial repair, such as a crown placement, we again take steps to ensure a lifelike appearance. In today’s blog, your Mansfield, TX, dentists explain how we create and place a crown created from… Read more »

What Causes Us To Snore?

Do you often snore? In addition to driving your significant other up the wall, this habit could also point to the presence of a serious disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). In today’s blog, your Mansfield, TX, dentists look at what causes us to snore, and possible solutions for your sleep apnea.