Month: November 2014

What’s the Big Deal with Mini Dental Implants?

Whether you’ve worn dentures for years or you’re new to the denture experience, you’ve probably encountered some of the day-to-day problems associated with this removable dental prosthetic. New dentures often have an adjustment period, where the base of the denture plate rubs sore spots on the gums. As dentures age, they become warped and can… Read more »

Quiz: How Do I Stop Snoring?

Do you or your significant other have difficulty sleeping due to your chronic snoring? In addition to hindering good sleep, this issue could also be a warning sign of a serious disorder. Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, affects millions of people in the United States. By understanding the cause and symptoms, you can start your… Read more »

Upcoming Holiday Celebrations

We still have a week until Thanksgiving, but we can’t help looking ahead to the Christmas season. At Mansfield Dental Associates, your Mansfield dentists,Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris, enjoy spreading the word about upcoming community events. The first weekend of December starts the holiday season with a bang, including fireworks and a parade. We hope… Read more »

What Happens When You Grind Your Teeth?

If you’ve learned that your teeth are the strongest parts of your body, you might be confused as to how harmlessly clenching them together can damage them. The truth, though, is that there’s nothing harmless about grinding your teeth, especially if you do it habitually or without even realizing it. Despite the incredible strength of… Read more »

Soda and Cavities

Michelle Obama and other health activists have long touted the dangers of soft drinks in relation to overall health. Not as many activists talk about soda’s effect on one’s dental health. One 12 ounce can of regular Coke contains 9 and 1/3 teaspoons of sugar alone. Bacteria in our mouth consume the sugar from soda… Read more »

2014 Craft Fest Scheduled for November 8th

Looking to get a head start on some Christmas shopping? Enjoy shopping for hand crafted items and supporting local artists? Come support the Summit High School band this Saturday at the 2014 Craft Fest. Your Mansfield dentists Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris take care of many patients who are connected to this wonderful band. So… Read more »

Common Dental Health Issues for Older Adults

Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris treat patients of all ages in their welcoming Mansfield office. In today’s blog they discuss three dental health issues that middle aged adults and seniors are likely to encounter and what to do about them.