Whether you’ve worn dentures for years or you’re new to the denture experience, you’ve probably encountered some of the day-to-day problems associated with this removable dental prosthetic. New dentures often have an adjustment period, where the base of the denture plate rubs sore spots on the gums. As dentures age, they become warped and can often slip out-of-place or click when you eat, speak, or laugh. Luckily, there is a viable option out there that can help most denture wearers avoid these common pitfalls: mini dental implants. Today, Mansfield dentists Dr. Blair Jones and Dr. Seth Harris discuss this innovative and accessible solution for people who want independence from ill-fitting dentures.

The Difference Between Mini and Traditional Implants

To understand the difference between mini and traditional dental implants, it’s important to first understand the basic three-part structure of most dental implants:

  • The implant post, which looks and functions much like a screw. Implant posts are usually made of medical-grade titanium.
  • The abutment, which serves as an intermediary point of stability between the post and the restoration.
  • The implant restoration, which could be a denture plate, bridge, or dental crown. The restoration is the visible portion of the total dental implant structure.

Traditional dental implant posts have a diameter of 3.5mm to 6 mm. Mini dental implants, as the name implies, have a smaller a diameter of 1.8mm to 3mm.

Are Mini Implants Right for You?

Mini dental implants were designed specifically for people who might not qualify for traditional dental implants, such as people who have weak or reduced jawbone tissue. As such, they are a great solution for denture-wearers. Mini dental implants will stabilize a denture plate (or crown or bridge) within the jaw, providing better structural support than a removable denture alone. Patients who have had mini dental implants placed to reinforce their dentures enjoy better confidence and a wider variety of foods.


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