Month: December 2022

How Tartar Hurts A Smile

You may not realize it, but tartar deposits that are on your teeth can actually stay in place even as you continue to clean your smile by brushing and flossing. While plaque can be removed with these daily hygiene efforts, the hardened accumulation of bacteria and other materials known as tartar will remain despite your… Read more »

Prosthetic Dentistry In The New Year

What changes are you excited to make in the new year? By arranging treatment to restore your incomplete smile, you can enjoy your 2023 with renewed confidence in your appearance and dental health! Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office provides different restorative services to patients in need of care. For those who need to do something… Read more »

Learning About Care With Veneers

What are you interested in doing to improve your smile? With just one treatment, it is possible to fix a number of problems, which means even a seemingly difficult goal for improvement can be surprisingly easy to reach. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office offers different cosmetic services that help patients see the changes that… Read more »

Effective Smile Care With Aligners

Problems with teeth that are out of alignment can rob you of confidence in how you look. These issues can also create potential problems with your bite function and dental well-being. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we can provide a solution that is effective at correcting these issues while minimizing their impact on the… Read more »

Dental Fillings Can Match Tooth Enamel

A cavity that forms on any part of any tooth is something to take seriously. With that said, you can have more concerns over the problem of dental decay when the cavity affects an area that is easier to see whenever you smile and speak. It can be a relief to know that you have… Read more »

Preparing For Dental Implant Placement

The plans made to restore your incomplete smile can give you more confidence in the way you look. Because your prosthetic can enjoy support from a carefully placed dental implant, the work you arrange can also give you improvements for your oral health and bite function. Preparatory work is important to this process; to offer… Read more »

An Effective Fix For Teeth Stains

What makes avoid teeth stains so difficult for so many people? Some individuals have naturally softer enamel and are more likely to have particles from foods and drinks stick and cause problems for them. Many of us, even those who are concerned and already trying to avoid stains, can have a tough time avoiding all… Read more »

Booking Cavity Care Before The Year Ends

There may be less than a month left in the year, but that does not mean you have to wait until 2023 to take action and treat dental trouble! Our Mansfield, TX dental practice is prepared to support you. Just as it is important to keep up with your regular preventive services, it is important… Read more »

What Can I Do About Jaw Pain?

When you have problems with jaw pain, you can experience difficulties with actions as simple as biting, chewing, laughing, and speaking. In other words, you can look forward to having problems that affect you throughout the day! Having a problem with poor jaw alignment and movement can create stress that leads to difficulties with discomfort… Read more »