What changes are you excited to make in the new year? By arranging treatment to restore your incomplete smile, you can enjoy your 2023 with renewed confidence in your appearance and dental health! Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office provides different restorative services to patients in need of care. For those who need to do something about the loss of one tooth—or something about the loss of several—our prosthetic treatments can certainly help. We offer different solutions that end with the securing of permanent restorations that let you bite, chew, smile, and speak with renewed confidence. When your plans include the placement and restoration of dental implants, we can even help you resolve problems with the health and density of your jawbone.

The Right Treatment Can Help You Leave Tooth Loss In The Past

When tooth loss occurs, your health and appearance are impacted in ways that are difficult for you to simply ignore. What you deal with can include problems with your appearance as well as difficulties with bite function, trouble preserving your remaining teeth, and even the deterioration of jawbone tissues that surround the now-empty socket where your roots were once housed. With the right procedure, these issues are left in the past, which means that 2023 can be a better year for your smile than 2022 (or whenever your tooth loss occurred).

How Implant Dentistry Impacts The Patient Experience

Through implant dentistry, we provide a kind of care for incomplete smiles that effectively improves bite function, stabilizes neighboring teeth, and offers cosmetic support. The dental implant itself is set in the jawbone through a careful surgical procedure; before that procedure takes place, we perform a thorough review to identify its appropriate angle and location. After yours is secured, and you give yourself time to heal, you can return to our office to have a restoration secured.

We Can Help You Address A Range Of Smile Concerns

Tooth loss is often just one of several problems people have, as this condition can lead to new difficulties when it is not resolved in a timely manner. We can work on restoring teeth that have been overworked, as they can be worn down or damaged. We can also help you correct problems with poor jaw movement and alignment that can result from a compromised bite. Treating TMJ disorder that is connected to tooth loss can help you ease ongoing aches and pains that have interfered with your quality of life.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Prosthetic Dentistry For The New Year

Through the right approach to prosthetic dental work, we can give you back your confident smile and improve your dental function. To find out more about how this procedure can help you, reach out to Mansfield Dental Associates in Mansfield, TX today at 817-473-6227!