Month: June 2016

Why Your Dentist Might Recommend Mini Implants

If you have been looking at what options are available to you when it comes to replacing a lost tooth, you may have already read about dental implants. These have become a popular means of supporting replacement teeth. They offer real stability, and can even be good for your jaw, which can lose mass after… Read more »

3 Issues That Dental Bonding Can Take Care Of

Is your otherwise attractive smile being held back by a problem tooth? Do you have an odd gap in your smile, or a tooth with discoloration that has not responded to whitening agents? Cosmetic dentistry is intended to tackle the problems that affect your appearance. Talking to your dentist about an issue with your appearance… Read more »

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Say you are about to place an order at a restaurant – what will you have to drink? While flavored beverages in moderation can be find, you should make consuming water a priority, at meals and throughout the day. Water can have a positive influence on your weight, help regulate your body functions, and even… Read more »

Quiz: Picking The Right Cosmetic Dental Treatment For You

Worried that the color of your smile might be losing its brightness? Are you put off by a misshapen tooth? Many problems that make you unhappy with your smile can be addressed effectively with a cosmetic dental treatment. You can undergo a procedure that improves the color of your teeth, addresses problems with their shape… Read more »

The Splash Dash 5K Hits Mansfield On July 23

On July 23, Mansfield will play host to the Splash Dash 5K! The Splash Dash 5K is a special kind of race, where various points on the track feature special features that are guaranteed to soak runners. The course will include water slides, water gun and water balloon attacks, and other fun surprises. A special… Read more »

Removing And Replacing A Problem Tooth

There are several restorative dental techniques that can spare an ailing tooth. However, if a tooth’s condition is too poor, you may need a tooth extraction. In this process, your dentist will safely remove the tooth from its socket. The general area around the tooth in question can be numbed, to help manage potential discomfort…. Read more »

Treatments To Protect Your Teeth From Harm

The more you do to protect your teeth from harm, the easier it will be to keep them in good condition. There are methods available to you to keep your teeth healthy, like brushing and flossing regularly. Other actions can also help. For instance, drinking water instead of soft drinks lowers the amount of sugar… Read more »