Are you ready for a more attractive smile? Can you think of something you would hope to change with the help of a cosmetic dental procedure? Before you undergo any cosmetic treatment, your candidacy will need to be checked by your dentist. It is possible that existing oral health troubles must be addressed before moving on to your desired treatment. Restorative dental work takes priority over cosmetic work; in some cases, restoring a tooth could eliminate a physical issue you already planned to target.

How Your Oral Health Can Interfere With Your Ability To Undergo A Cosmetic Treatment

If you have a tooth with active decay, your dentist will need to remove it before starting on a cosmetic treatment. Cavities are not the only issue you should worry about. If you have a habit of grinding your teeth – a condition called bruxism – it can negatively impact your viability for something like porcelain veneers. While porcelain veneers are strong enough to handle biting and chewing, they can be cracked if you clench your jaw.

Some Restorative Work Can Have Cosmetic Benefits

If a health issue with a tooth is adversely affecting your appearance, you may be happy with how you look after it is treated, and no longer feel the need for a cosmetic treatment. Restorative work can be done in a manner that minds your appearance. One reason your dentist will use composite resin for fillings is that the resin can look more like a natural tooth than a metal filling. Crowns constructed with ceramic material are admired for their ability to look more like a regular tooth than other materials.