Month: September 2016

Dental Crowns Offer Protection For Vulnerable Teeth

A vulnerable tooth – a tooth that has been hurt by tooth decay, or an injury – can be a major hindrance. You could experience discomfort associated with the tooth’s condition. It may be harder to bite, chew, or speak. If the problem is linked to a cavity, it could lead to problems that affect… Read more »

Check Out Painting At The Park On October 10

On Monday, October 10, Mansfield area residents are invited to check out Painting At The Park. The event, which is hosted at Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park, will capitalize on the surroundings to find inspiration for an original painting. The session will be led by a trained artist, who can help guide your work. People… Read more »

Ensuring A Comfortable Patient Experience

Your dentist’s goal is to ensure that you have the healthiest possible smile. That being said, through advanced techniques and training, your dentist can also strive to ensure you have a comfortable experience whenever you come in for a dental visit. There have been technological improvements in how your dentist examines teeth. There are materials… Read more »

Your Dentist’s Role In Managing Tooth And Jaw Pain

A painful tooth, or pains in the region of your jaw, can be a real drain on your quality of life, but they can also be a warning of a real dental problem. If you experience dental discomfort, your dentist should know about it. These pains could be symptoms of issues that need prompt attention… Read more »

The Advantages Of Composite Resin Fillings

When it comes to restorative dental work, the obvious priority is ensuring that the procedure is effective. Alongside that concern can be your anxiety over how your tooth will look after being treated. When it comes to taking care of a cavity, composite resin fillings offer an effective, attractive solution. The resin material offers the… Read more »

Quiz: Porcelain Veneers And Other Cosmetic Dental Solutions

When you opt to receive porcelain veneers, you are undergoing a cosmetic dental procedure that can bring about a dramatic change to your appearance. Your smile can have a high-quality appearance that is free of damaged or misshapen teeth. It can also make your teeth appear whiter, even correcting teeth with discoloration traditional whitening agents… Read more »

Check Out Mansfield’s Fire Safety Palooza October 1

On Saturday, October 1, the city of Mansfield will present its annual Fire Safety Palooza event. This gathering blends fun activities for the family with important instructions on fire safety. There will be interesting, informative demonstrations of actual firefighting techniques, lessons on fire safety at home, and fun games and activities for the kids. The… Read more »

How A Dental Bridge Stays In Position

There are real functional advantages to a permanently placed prosthetic dental piece. When you enjoy real stability, you can use the prosthetic when you bite and chew food. It can also be more comfortable, as you do not have to worry about it coming loose. You might be curious as to how your prosthetic stays… Read more »

Your Dentist Looks Out For A Range Of Oral Health Problems

Your oral health faces multiple threats, which is why your dentist looks for a range of problems every time you go in for a general dental checkup. Many people think of their dentist as being primarily after any signs of tooth decay. While cavity treatment plays a vital part in sustaining your dental condition, there… Read more »