A painful tooth, or pains in the region of your jaw, can be a real drain on your quality of life, but they can also be a warning of a real dental problem. If you experience dental discomfort, your dentist should know about it. These pains could be symptoms of issues that need prompt attention and treatment. In many cases, an isolated tooth pain can stem from tooth decay. Acute temperature sensitivity, or general aches, could be an indicator that you need a root canal treatment. General dental discomforts, or pains in your jaw, could be related to problems like bruxism and TMD.

Pains Caused By Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth in a moment of elevated stress can be natural, but routinely grinding your teeth can be a problem. There is a term for a condition where you frequently clench your teeth – bruxism. This can be especially prevalent during your sleep. This is more than just a painful condition, as it can also damage your teeth, and your jaw.

TMJ Pains

TMD, short for temporomandibular joint disorder, can be the reason you feel frequent discomfort in your jaw, neck, and face muscles. Bruxism is a possible cause, but it is not the only cause of this condition.

Dental Pain Can Be A Sign Of A Cavity

Why does your tooth hurt? If you cannot think of a specific incident, it could be because of tooth decay affecting the tooth’s nerves. If an advanced cavity is the culprit, a root canal can take care of the infection. After it is completed, you will need a dental crown.