Month: July 2016

Mansfield’s Annual WurstFest Is September 10

On Saturday, September 10, historic downtown Mansfield will once again play host to the town’s annual WurstFest! This yearly event invites families to come check out a variety of different activities. This year promises live music, contests, weenie dog races, and – importantly – lots of delicious food from local vendors. The event, hosted by… Read more »

Chronic Headaches Could Be Connected To Dental Problems

How often do you experience headaches? Are you prone to feeling discomfort in your face or jaw? While you may not identify chronic pain as a dental issue, these issues could all indicate that you are experiencing TMJ problems, also called TMD. TMD is a problem with the joints of your jaw, which can compromise… Read more »

General Dental Support You Receive At A Routine Checkup

If your teeth are healthy, see your dentist. This might sound odd, but the general services you receive during a dental checkup make it easier for you to keep your teeth in their best possible condition. One advantage is the cleaning your teeth undergo – the professional care from your hygienist goes beyond your best… Read more »

Take Part In The Hawaiian Falls 5K August 13

On August 13, Mansfield residents can come take part in the second annual Hawaiian Falls 5K. This is hardly your typical 5K, as it will take place within the Hawaiian Falls park, and will include a number of features designed to leave runners soaked! Runners will be faced with several stations where volunteers are ready… Read more »

Understanding Cavity Restoration

It takes time for a cavity to form on your tooth. The attacks to your enamel come from oral bacteria, which release acids as part of how they digest foods (they feed on the sugars in your diet). When enough of those attacks occur, a cavity will form in your enamel. While you have some… Read more »

3 Reasons People Choose To Receive Porcelain Veneers

The field of cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to make a distracting physical flaw with your smile a thing of the past. These procedures are elective in nature, but can have a big impact on a person’s confidence and comfort with their smile. One way people often choose to improve their appearance is by having… Read more »

Protecting Vulnerable Teeth

Your risk for dental issues can differ from another person’s – your issues can also differ from your relative risk in the past. Sometimes, a change in the state of your oral health will make you more vulnerable to tooth issues. A problem like dry mouth, for instance, can leave your teeth more at the… Read more »