If your teeth are healthy, see your dentist. This might sound odd, but the general services you receive during a dental checkup make it easier for you to keep your teeth in their best possible condition. One advantage is the cleaning your teeth undergo – the professional care from your hygienist goes beyond your best at-home care. You also have the expertise of your dentist, who can identify anything that could be a concern. This includes the detection of cavities you might not realize you have. For patients who have more of a cavity risk, dental sealants can be provided.

Screenings For Oral Cancer

One major concern for your oral health is oral cancer. An oral cancer screening is part of each regular visit. This is especially important for people who use tobacco, as they face a higher risk of developing this disease.

Making Plans To Take Care Of A Cavity

It is possible for you to walk into your dentist’s office assuming you have no problems, only to be told that you have a cavity. This is because early in their development, cavities only affect your enamel. Catching them at this point in their development can actually make treatment easier, as your dentist can restore your tooth with a filling. Putting off treatment for an identified cavity can cause problems. The cavity will continue to spread, meaning more of your tooth will experience irreversible damage and need to be removed. A cavity will not go away without professional help, and if you keep postponing help, you could need a root canal treatment.