Month: November 2016

Quiz: Taking Steps To Protect Your Oral Health

Could you be doing more to protect yourself against dental problems like tooth decay? Good oral care should involve smart, thorough at-home cleanings (which means brushing and flossing). However, you also need to seek the services of your dentist. The general dental services available through every checkup can protect you against problems like cavities. You… Read more »

3 Reasons To Seek Cosmetic Dental Care

Why should you talk to your dentist about cosmetic dental work? Your dentist’s deep knowledge of how to address esthetic flaws can provide you with significant results. You may also be interested to know that this work can be completed in less time than you might expect. Different patients can find different matters to fret… Read more »

Experience Mansfield’s Hometown Holidays

As we move closer to the end of this year, we find ourselves preparing for the holiday season…whether we feel ready for them or not! If you are looking for ways to enjoy meaningful time with your family during this season, check out Mansfield’s Hometown Holidays event. Hometown Holidays will kick off on Friday, December… Read more »

Supporting A Tooth With A Dental Filling

A dental filling is the most conservative option when it comes to restoring your tooth after a cavity. Not every episode of dental work can end with the placement of a filling – some cavities will not be caught until the dental damage is too severe. In these cases, your dentist has to use a… Read more »

What To Anticipate From Your New Dental Crown

You may be worried that a dental crown, while necessary to protect your tooth, could be trouble for your smile. How will you look after you receive it? You may also be curious as to how it will fit in – will the presence of this restoration disrupt your normal biting and chewing actions? Will… Read more »

Using Sealants To Increase Your Cavity Defense

Many issues may be contributing to your relative cavity risk. Age can be a factor – if your enamel wears down over time, you can be more vulnerable. Poor diet habits can also contribute to your vulnerability to decay, as can a struggle with dry mouth. If you seem to struggle to avoid cavities, you… Read more »

This Year’s Mansfield Farmers Market Concludes Nov 19

With the year drawing to a close, the Mansfield Farmers Market is nearing its seasonal end. However, you still have some time to explore the market, enjoy the fresh, homegrown products, and connect with some of Mansfield’s local culture. The market will run every Saturday until November 19, the final date of the season. You… Read more »

How Problems Can Hurt Your Experience With Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can make exciting changes to your smile. You can use this one treatment to cover up many different problems that affect how you look. Dental discoloration, even discoloration standard whitening agents will not correct, can be addressed with the application of veneers. They can also fix the appearance of damaged teeth, or teeth… Read more »