Many issues may be contributing to your relative cavity risk. Age can be a factor – if your enamel wears down over time, you can be more vulnerable. Poor diet habits can also contribute to your vulnerability to decay, as can a struggle with dry mouth. If you seem to struggle to avoid cavities, you can talk to your dentist about dental sealants. By applying dental sealants, your dentist can make it harder for bacteria and food debris to accumulate on your enamel, and cause damage that will lead to cavities.

How Sealants Help Protect You Against Cavities

Dental sealants are a plastic coating that are applied your teeth. Your dentist will use a curing light so that the coating hardens over your teeth. The presence of the sealants means bacteria and food debris will not be able to gather on your enamel, and that separation prevents them from creating the sort of damage that can lead to cavities. The sealants can hold up for several years, and your dentist can check on their condition when you go in for a routine appointment.

Regular Dental Appointments Make Prevention Easier

With routine checkups, you can enjoy superior general dental care. Your dentist does more than just look for cavities. You receive a professional dental cleaning, and a full review for problems. This includes a check for signs of problems like gum disease, and teeth grinding. It also means being regularly inspected for any signs of oral cancer, a potentially deadly condition. Early detection and treatment can greatly improve your odds of recovery.