Month: March 2018

When Is Root Canal Treatment Helpful?

Tooth decay is a progressive disease that, without treatment, will continue to worsen. If it is detected by your dentist in its earliest stage, tooth decay can be treated and even reversed. Once the decay has broken through the enamel of your tooth and caused a cavity, a filling can clear out the decay, disinfect… Read more »

Smile Updates For The Spring Wedding Season

Springtime is known as wedding season because it feels like there are weddings every other weekend. Whether it’s your own or it’s someone else’s wedding, you want to look your best when you attend it. Cosmetic dentistry can be a great way to brighten your smile for a spring wedding or any other major event in your… Read more »

Upcoming Family Fun Events

Spring is now in full swing! Mansfield, Texas and the nearby cities is a fun area with lots of interesting events going on. Mansfield Dental Associates is proud to serve your smile and the smiles of your family. We hope you enjoy this start to the Spring season! 

The Dangers Of Ignoring Bruxism

Developing a habit can be either be a conscious choice or something that develops without you really realizing it. For instance, nervous habits like drumming your fingers on the desk or shaking your foot while you are sitting may happen without you putting much thought into it. While some habits that you have may be… Read more »

Sealants And Their Extra Layer Of Protection

Prevention is crucial to your oral health because once a problem starts, it will continue to worsen until it is treated. Unlike other parts of your body, if your teeth are damaged, they cannot regenerate themselves. Every step you can take to prevent a problem from originating in your mouth is a step towards protecting… Read more »

Should I Clean My Tongue?

You probably pay close attention to your teeth and gums during your oral hygiene routine. Your tongue plays an important role in the health of your mouth. Do you know that your tongue is your body’s strongest muscle? It helps you to speak clearly and to eat properly, but your tongue can also be home to… Read more »

Spring Scavenger Hunt And More To Do

To explore how nature changes and adapts to the season, come enjoy a Spring Scavenger Hunt at Oliver Nature Park in Mansfield, Texas. The event will be a naturalist-led walk with the purpose of learning, searching, examining, and checking off all the unique spring finds listed on your scavenger hunt list. The outing will be… Read more »

Toothache Or Tooth Sensitivity?

When it comes to oral health and issues of the mouth, most problems occur in progressive stages. This means that when something is left untreated, it will continue to worsen. For instance, a tooth that starts off as just a bit sensitive may progress into an excruciatingly painful toothache. In most cases, oral issues become… Read more »

What If Teeth Whitening Doesn’t Work?

In many instances, when your teeth are stained, you may be able to brighten them with professional whitening treatment or even an over-the-counter variety. However, some stains may not be able to be removed by a whitening treatment of any kind. In those cases, you may need a more involved cosmetic treatment to improve your smile’s… Read more »