Month: April 2016

The Right Dental Prosthetic For You

Replacing a lost tooth is good for your oral health, and good for your smile. If you feel uncomfortable when you think about people noticing that you are missing a tooth, the cosmetic upside should be readily apparent. However, you should also know that a prosthetic can also provide restorative dental benefits. You will be… Read more »

Mansfield’s A Night On The Town Happens May 14

On May 14, Mansfield’s Town Park will play host to this year’s A Night On The Town. There will be several fun activities hosted during the event. Visitors can sign up and participate in the 1 mile Color Fun Run. There will also be an outdoor screening of Inside Out for the Movie At Dusk…. Read more »

Helpful Information For People Interested in Veneers

Porcelain veneers make cosmetic improvements to your smile that are long-lasting. The veneers are stain-resistant, and durable enough to be put through all the chewing and biting that your teeth go through. You will need to schedule two appointments to receive veneers. If you are found to be a good candidate, the first visit is… Read more »

Cavity Quiz

The more you know about cavities – and how to avoid them – the better prepared you are to maintain a healthy mouth. People may feel that they are familiar with what causes tooth decay, and what they can do to avoid it, but a significant number of people will still develop a cavity in… Read more »

3 Problems Your Dentist Can Address (Besides Cavities)

The connection between your dentist and cavity treatments is pretty obvious. Cavities can be the most familiar – and common – dental problem that people face. However, when you see your dentist for a checkup, you receive protection from more than just tooth decay. General dentistry is concerned with your whole oral health, not just… Read more »

Enjoy Downtown Mansfield’s Third Thursday On April 21

Mansfield’s Third Thursday falls on April 21 this month. For those unfamiliar with this monthly event, on the third Thursday of the month, shops in the downtown Mansfield area will stay open late, and play host to an evening of fun for local residents. In addition to the extended hours for retail areas, there will… Read more »

Have Your Dentist Examine A Tooth Injury

The inconvenient truth about tooth injuries is that, unlike a bruise or a cut, visible damage to a tooth will not heal on its own. You should also be concerned about what an injury does for the health of your tooth. Did you know that in some cases, an injured tooth can require a root… Read more »

3 Benefits Of Talking To Your Dentist About Teeth Whitening

Have you thought about whitening your teeth recently? If you have, you may have already checked out products that are available from stores that promise to change the color of your teeth. What you should know is that these treatments are unable to make the kinds of dramatic changes that a professional cosmetic whitening can… Read more »