The more you know about cavities – and how to avoid them – the better prepared you are to maintain a healthy mouth. People may feel that they are familiar with what causes tooth decay, and what they can do to avoid it, but a significant number of people will still develop a cavity in their lifetime. The field of dentistry can cover a range of services for your oral health. Part of your oral care routine should involve regular dental visits. With the support of your dentist, and diligent personal care, you can keep your teeth healthy.

True Or False: Sugar Directly Harms Your Teeth

False! …Sort of. The sugar that winds up on your teeth is consumed by oral bacteria. When bacteria process these meals, they secrete an acidic compound that harms your enamel.

True Or False: There Is No Way To Avoid A Root Canal If You Have A Cavity

False! If you have a cavity treated early enough, you should be able to restore your tooth with a filling.

True Or False: People Can Have Different Cavity Risks

True! The hardness of your enamel can influence how liable you are to have a cavity form on your teeth, as some people have naturally softer or harder teeth. The choices you make for your diet can also be a contributing factor to your relative risk. If you suffer from dry mouth, you can lose out on the benefits saliva provides in keeping your teeth healthy.

True Or False: Dental Sealants Can Help Lower Your Cavity Risk

True! Dental sealants are often employed to give children extra cavity protection. However, if you have a relatively high cavity risk, you can benefit from receiving dental sealants.