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What You Need To Know About Cavities

Imagine sitting in the dental chair. Maybe you are watching a video in front of or above you. Things are going along smoothly, and then you hear, “Looks like you have a cavity.” Perhaps you protest, “But doc, I haven’t had any pain in my teeth.” No pain, no cavity, though, is one of the… Read more »

Why Tooth Fillings Will Always Be Popular

Today’s dental treatments have become so advanced that they can address virtually any dental health issue you may face in your lifetime. For many people, the most common of those issues is cavities, which develop in teeth as a result of excessive plaque and tartar buildup. Because they occur so often, addressing cavities is one… Read more »

Your Tooth Decay: An Origin Story

Anthropologists have studied human beings and their teeth for a long time. Many findings show that ancient humans, ones that were hunters and gatherers, did not face much tooth decay. The reason being that a diet without sugars, grains, and carbohydrates did not cause as much decay as diets with them. Once human beings started… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions: Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are a very common restorative dental treatment. When tooth decay damages the enamel of your tooth, a tooth-colored filling can restore the function and appearance of the tooth while also protecting it from further damage and decay. We have gathered a list of frequently asked questions about dental fillings along with their answers in an… Read more »

A Few Facts About Fillings

A dentist’s goal is always to protect your smile’s health and your overall health. While those principles of dentistry have remained the same over time, the technology, materials, and techniques used to provide care have become significantly more advanced over the past few decades. For instance, when it comes to treating cavities caused by tooth… Read more »

Why Do I Need A Filling?

You probably do your best to take care of your smile. If you brush and floss your teeth twice a day, you mind your nutrition, and you visit your dentist for regular exams, you are doing the best you can. Though, sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may still find yourself with a cavity. The… Read more »

How A Filling Saves Your Tooth

Prevention and early treatment of dental problems are the best ways to protect your teeth. Tooth decay can often be prevented with good oral hygiene, mindful eating and drinking, and regular visits to your dentist. But even with our best effort, tooth decay can still happen to cause cavities in our teeth. Once tooth decay… Read more »

Taming Your Sweet Tooth

When you have got a sweet tooth, you get a hankering for food and drink containing sugar. Too much sugar consumption can contribute to tooth decay. However, sugar itself does not cause decay of tooth enamel. When the plaque bacteria in your mouth is exposed to sugar, it becomes acid. This acid attacks the enamel… Read more »

How Your Teeth Can Become Vulnerable To Cavities

Genetics, poor oral health habits, physical conditions, and diet choices can all affect your cavity risk. Because all of these, except for your genetics, can change over time, your cavity risk is not fixed. After a long period without cavities, you could suddenly find yourself having cavities discovered at your dental checkups. This may only… Read more »

Cavity Quiz

The more you know about cavities – and how to avoid them – the better prepared you are to maintain a healthy mouth. People may feel that they are familiar with what causes tooth decay, and what they can do to avoid it, but a significant number of people will still develop a cavity in… Read more »