A dentist’s goal is always to protect your smile’s health and your overall health. While those principles of dentistry have remained the same over time, the technology, materials, and techniques used to provide care have become significantly more advanced over the past few decades. For instance, when it comes to treating cavities caused by tooth decay, fillings have long been the best way to save and restore teeth. Modern advances in the materials and technology used in fillings have advanced to allow for more lifelike, precise, and long-lasting restorations for today’s smiles.

Designed to Withstand Bite Pressure

Your teeth serve a main purpose for your body and that is to bite and chew your food. Biting and chewing involves high levels of pressure for your jaw and teeth to sustain. When it came to restoring damaged or decayed teeth, metal was a popular material for over a century. However, modern advances, have allowed for a tooth-colored composite resin material to become durable and biocompatible enough to help restore a tooth. The resin in tooth-colored fillings is durable enough to withstand bite pressure. The material can be color-matched so that your restored tooth blends in with the rest of your smile.

A Filling Stops Decay

When a filling is used to treat your tooth, your dentist will first disinfect the tooth by clearing away any oral bacteria that is infecting the tooth, along with removing any damaged parts of the tooth. Next, the biocompatible resin is used to seal, fortify, and protect the tooth. The tooth-colored composite resin creates a tight seal that protects harmful bacteria from re-entering the tooth. Because the decay was removed from the tooth, it can no longer continue to progress inside the tooth causing harm to the inner pulp and nerves. If a filling is not done in time to stop decay, the inside of the tooth can become inflamed and infected.

A filling can restore and protect your tooth.

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