Month: October 2019

A New Smile With Custom Veneers

Did you know that we can offer cosmetic treatments that completely transform a smile in as little as two visits? By creating and placing a thin restoration known as a porcelain veneer, our team can address problems with a tooth’s shape and color. Find out how your Mansfield, TX, dentists will transform your smile with… Read more »

A Cavity Treatment That Looks Natural!

As we mentioned in a previous blog, the Halloween season often means kids and adults eating too much candy and becoming more likely to develop cavities. Should a cavity form, then your Mansfield, TX, dentists may offer a long-lasting solution with a filling. Fortunately for our patients, our fillings are metal-free and look completely natural!

Boosting Your Smile’s Beauty With One-Visit Bonding

Did you know that with a single cosmetic procedure, we can alter the shape and color of your tooth, addressing a wide array of esthetic concerns? In today’s blog, your Mansfield, TX, dentists will be looking at how dental bonding can repair and restore a tooth’s beauty in one sitting!

Keeping Tooth Decay At Bay During Halloween

Halloween is less than a week away! Are you ready for the big day? Many families in the area will be hitting the streets in our community, trick or treating and bringing home a haul of sugary treats. However, your Mansfield, TX, dentists know that too much sugar is a recipe for tooth decay. We… Read more »

Spooky Fun In Mansfield

There is so much to do and enjoy in Mansfield, TX this October, from Boo Bash to craft classes and more. In today’s blog, we’re looking at four events happening in our city this month. We also want to remind our patients that we offer cosmetic and restorative care to improve smile health and beauty,… Read more »

Achieving A Precise Diagnosis With Digital Technology

When we take a look at our Mansfield, TX, patients’ smiles, we want to make sure they obtain a detailed diagnosis, one that can spot probable issues in the earliest possible stages. Whether our patient is a kid or an adult, these visits are key to preventing serious trouble down the road. In order to… Read more »

Does Pain In Your Tooth Mean You Need A Root Canal?

When should you be concerned about pain in your smile, or discomfort while eating? In today’s blog, your Mansfield, TX, dentists will take a look at the dangers of pain in your smile, and how a root canal procedure may be able to preserve and restore your tooth. Find out how this safe and comfortable… Read more »

Protecting Smiles With Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Have you ever heard of wisdom teeth? If you’re approaching adulthood, or if you’re a parent with a teen, then understanding the danger wisdom teeth pose is vital. Unless removed prior to eruption, wisdom teeth could mean very uncomfortable complications and even the onset of misalignment. In order to protect smiles in Mansfield, TX, we… Read more »

October Fun In Mansfield

Once again, we would like to talk about the fun events happening in Mansfield, TX, this month! With fall finally here and the weather starting to cool down a little bit, you’ll be looking for fun community events for your family to enjoy. In addition, we would like to remind patients that we’re ready to… Read more »

What Does Placing A Dental Implant Involve?

If you lose one tooth, or several, then your overall oral health could suffer, and you could develop problems eating and speaking. In order to address tooth loss, whether minor or severe, then your Mansfield, TX, dentists may recommend a dental implant. But how do we plan treatment and place them?