When we take a look at our Mansfield, TX, patients’ smiles, we want to make sure they obtain a detailed diagnosis, one that can spot probable issues in the earliest possible stages. Whether our patient is a kid or an adult, these visits are key to preventing serious trouble down the road. In order to obtain a diagnosis with accuracy and precision, we may employ digital x-rays!

When Do You Need an Exam?

Adults and children both benefit from exams every six months, which allow us to regularly monitor the smile and spot the onset of oral health concerns in the earliest stages, preventing complications related to cavities and poor periodontal health. During the same visit, we will also clean your teeth, removing plaque buildup to lower the risk of cavities and gum disease, while also helping you maintain brighter smiles and fresher breath in the process!

Digital X-Rays

With digital technology, taking an x-ray is a much simpler process. We gather your x-rays and instead of waiting for the images to develop in harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment, the images are available instantly chairside. We can view them on a monitor and even walk you through the diagnostic process, helping you gain a better understanding of the current state of your oral health. Going digital also means 80% less radiation is needed to capture these incredibly detailed images. We can then offer a thorough diagnosis with precision and accuracy, providing greater convenience for our patients.

CBCT Scanning

As part of your exam, we may also capture images of your smile using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanning. Using a small camera at the end of a wand, we can comfortably take a number of clear and precise images of your smile, peering beneath the gum line to examine the tooth roots, jawbone tissue, and oral structures as well. When we combine these images, we can create a 3D model of your smile, which helps us better identify developing problems in the early stages, and allows us to plan your treatment with greater accuracy and precision. We can plan solutions for periodontal problems, discuss dental implant placement, and address other serious oral health concerns. If you have any questions about either of these unique technologies, then place contact our team today. We’re ready to see you and help you on the road toward a healthier smile!

Schedule Your Checkup Today!

With routine office visits and advanced digital technology, we have the skills and tools necessary to help you and your family enjoy optimal oral health. To find out more about our approach to preventive dentistry and our dental technology, then schedule a consultation by calling our dentist’s office in Mansfield, TX, today at 817-473-6227.