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A Treatment For Tartar Buildup

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Did you know that tartar deposits can hurt your smile and stay on your teeth even when you brush and floss every day? While sticky plaque film can be cleaned each morning and evening, tartar is a hard calcified bacterial deposit that is resistant to your daily oral hygiene efforts. This means that visiting your… Read more »

3 Tips For Smile Care Around Halloween

The care you give your smile helps you sustain your health as well as your appearance. At any time of year, you should stick to the right routine to defend your teeth and gums from harm. Around the time we celebrate Halloween, your commitment to oral hygiene can be especially important, as people often find… Read more »

How Often Should You Have Dental Cleanings?

When you take time out of every day to clean your smile, you can feel confident that you are safe from problems with cavities and gum disease. Unfortunately, even with a daily commitment in place, your smile be less safe from threats than you realize. There are different reasons for this. You may need to… Read more »

Does Your Hygiene Routine Include Flossing?

When you take care of your teeth, are you really removing all of the oral bacteria present in your mouth? If you only rely on your toothbrush to take care of your smile, you can miss the harmful microbes and food debris that become trapped between teeth. Unfortunately, flossing is sometimes seen as an optional… Read more »

Poor Brushing Habits Keep You Vulnerable To Dental Trouble

How concerned should you be about your current brushing routine? If you have developed problems with infrequent brushing, or if you are less thorough than you should be, there are long-term consequences that can affect you. As long as you maintain inconsistent or poor brushing habits, you will remain more vulnerable to problems that require… Read more »

Should I Do More To Prevent The Formation Of Cavities?

Are you starting to worry that your smile is vulnerable to problems with cavities? Even if you have not needed restorative dental work recently, you should take time to question the effectiveness of your preventive dental care routine. Once a cavity forms, there will not be a way to stop the spread of decay without… Read more »

What You Can Learn By Setting A Timer When You Brush

Does the time it takes you to brush your teeth really matter? If you are rushing through this activity, the care you provide your smile may be less thorough than it should be. As a result, you can struggle with tartar buildup, and ultimately face more problems with gum disease as well as cavities that… Read more »

Floss Every Day To Fight The Buildup Of Oral Bacteria

Without the intervention of your daily oral hygiene routine, oral bacteria can continue to gather and accumulate in your mouth. While there are helpful bacteria present, you also have to worry about the buildup of harmful microbes that can lead to problems like tooth decay and gum disease. With brushing alone, you can clear away… Read more »

You Can Protect Your Smile By Drinking More Water

What steps are usually recommended when someone wants to take better care of their teeth? You can safely assume that a person might learn they need to do a better job brushing, or that they should cut down on how much sugar they consume. However, it might surprise you to learn that drinking more water… Read more »