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Did you know that tartar deposits can hurt your smile and stay on your teeth even when you brush and floss every day? While sticky plaque film can be cleaned each morning and evening, tartar is a hard calcified bacterial deposit that is resistant to your daily oral hygiene efforts. This means that visiting your dentist is necessary to receive a professional cleaning to remove these deposits and help you prevent decay and disease.

At your Mansfield, TX dental practice, we target plaque and tartar when cleaning your teeth to help you maintain a robust smile. At each appointment, we examine the results of your at-home care to identify problem areas that require professional treatment.

Knowing When To Receive Treatment For Tartar Buildup

A tartar deposit itself does not require a restorative procedure to strengthen your teeth, but its accumulation contributes to tooth decay and gum disease which will eventually require addressing. This is why timely removal of tartar buildup helps you prevent future damage to your teeth and avoid potentially costly repairs. Because you cannot remove tartar on your own, regular professional inspections are required to know when it gathers on your teeth. Once plaque hardens into tartar, only your dental team can properly clear it from your smile.

Attending Your Regular Dental Exams

When you schedule biannual dental meetings, you provide valuable support to your oral hygiene regimen. At each visit, we clean your smile thoroughly and examine areas that require special attention. We can identify where plaque and tartar gather, and remove them to prevent cavities or gum infection from taking place. These visits reduce your chances for developing oral health problems and help you maintain a beautiful healthy looking smile! Each visit provides an opportunity to determine when you need restorative dental work or place you on a periodontal maintenance schedule to support your gum health.

Your Daily Oral Habits Form The Basis For  A Healthy Smile

Preventing tartar from building up in the first place can be achieved with a dedication to your oral care habits. This means prioritizing your daily hygiene routine and maintaining consistency across your entire life. Be sure to brush and floss the entire surface area of each of your teeth. When you miss certain areas, you leave room for pockets of bacteria to accumulate over time. As plaque hardens and turns into tartar, only your dentist can remove it to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Speak With Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Fighting Tartar Buildup

By taking care of your teeth on a daily basis, you can reduce the likelihood of developing tartar. If you would like to learn more about removing these deposits, and about the other ways in which we can protect your smile, reach out to Mansfield Dental Associates in Mansfield, TX today at 817-473-6227!