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Protect Your Teeth With Dental Crowns

If you have weakened or broken teeth, you may be worried about maintaining their health long-term. Luckily, there is a way to keep your pearly whites strong and intact. Dental crowns can be placed to the necessary ones in cases of over-wear, after a root canal, before receiving a bridge, and more. Today, your Mansfield,… Read more »

Crowns Strengthen Teeth

Mansfield crown

Are you wondering if there is a way to prevent your teeth from breaking or possibly needing an extraction? Well, there is a way to strengthen damaged teeth and prevent them from breaking beyond repair. In this blog, your Mansfield, TX, dentist, discusses dental crowns and their many benefits.

Making Sure Your Crown Protects Your Tooth

A dental crown needs to support you in several ways. It needs to provide long-term support, as a tooth is not able to naturally heal from a cavity or dental injury that makes restorative work necessary. It should also support your bite health, which means it needs to be both stable and secure. For dental… Read more »

We Place Crowns That Match Dental Enamel

If you have a problem with your smile that is serious enough to require a dental crown, you can feel unsure about the impact treatment will have on your appearance and oral health. Restorative treatment addresses permanent problems with our teeth, meaning they respond to issues that cause irreversible harm. With a custom dental crown,… Read more »

Will A Dental Crown Really Stay In Place?

Lifelike dental fillings are applied directly to your tooth structure. The resin material we use to create them will actually bond to the surrounding enamel, providing a form of long-term support that benefits your appearance and dental health. Unfortunately, some problems are just too serious to make treatment with a filling possible. When this is… Read more »

How A Crown Restores A Cracked Tooth

It may be strong, but dental enamel is not indestructible, something you may be unlucky enough to learn the hard way if you crack a tooth. After this happens, you should make oral health care a priority. At our Mansfield, TX dental practice, we can meet with you to provide a permanent restoration to keep… Read more »

Placing A Dental Crown As Part Of Your Cavity Treatment

After a cavity develops, your tooth will experience permanent damage that has to be addressed with a restoration. By scheduling regular dental exams, you can have a problem with decay identified and treated in time to have a dental filling put in place to restore the tooth. However, you will need more support if you… Read more »

What Support Can I Really Expect From A Custom Crown?

Through restorative dental work, our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office can address problems with a tooth’s health and appearance. If you have a cavity, physical damage, or another problem that affects your bite or oral health, treatment ending with the placement of a permanent restoration will allow you to bite, chew, and speak without difficulty. If… Read more »

Crowns Offer Solutions For Many Dental Situations

There may come a time in a patient’s life when they experience extensive tooth decay or trauma to a tooth. When something like this happens, though, your Mansfield, TX, dentists can offer a treatment that will save the tooth. It is called a dental crown, and dentists use them for such things as covering dental… Read more »

Making Your Dental Crown Last Longer

Also known as caps, dental crowns protect vulnerable teeth like a helmets protect heads. Unlike helmets, dental crowns are placed as permanent protection for the tooth. Advances in technology have made crowns able to last longer and longer. In the past, dental crowns were made from an alloy of metals; they were more likely to… Read more »