It may be strong, but dental enamel is not indestructible, something you may be unlucky enough to learn the hard way if you crack a tooth. After this happens, you should make oral health care a priority. At our Mansfield, TX dental practice, we can meet with you to provide a permanent restoration to keep your tooth safe, prevent complications, and preserve your bite function. We can do this with a custom dental crown, a restoration that covers the tooth above your gum line. When providing a crown, it is important that we carefully measure a tooth so that your treatment provides lasting value without affecting neighboring teeth, which is why we take care to collect information to provide personalized care.

A Cracked Tooth Should Be Addressed Promptly

Physical tooth injuries are not to be taken lightly. A severe injury can require prompt care, and may even do enough damage to make you vulnerable to losing a tooth! The good news is that the right approach to restorative dental care can protect you in the long term. That means preventing further harm, but it also means preserving your bite function and addressing any issues with infection that might have developed due to the exposure from your crack.

Using A Custom Crown To Restore Damaged Enamel

A custom dental crown will be made to fit over your tooth carefully. By confirming that your restoration is the right shape and size, we can make sure that it stays in place but does not bother neighboring teeth. A crown can be made from different materials. If you are worried about your appearance because the injured tooth is in a more conspicuous area, you can be feel relieved to know that a porcelain restoration can provide support without changing the way you look.

Other Situations Where Crowns Can Be Used

Crowns are also used during some cavity treatments. This approach is not always needed, because you can arrange care before decay is serious enough to warrant it. When a cavity is caught in time, you can receive a dental filling to provide long-term support. We can also use crowns for some cosmetic improvements, as they can provide visual changes as well as functional support for undersized or misshapen teeth.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist To Receive A Crown For A Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth is not something to ignore. Fortunately, it is something that your Mansfield, TX dentist can address with a permanent restoration. By bringing your problem with a tooth injury to us, you can ensure that the care you receive keeps your tooth safe and also preserves your smile! To find out more, please reach out to Mansfield Dental Associates at 817-473-6227!