Month: January 2017

Ensuring Your Dental Visit Is A Comfortable One

When a patient has dental anxiety, just the thought of a routine dental checkup can be hard to process. Even people who would not have a second thought about sitting in the dentist’s chair for a checkup can be reluctant to undergo a longer, or more involved, procedure. What you should understand is that your… Read more »

Receiving A Dental Implant To Address Tooth Loss

What can a dental implant offer to your prosthetic dental experience? Many patients enjoy the stability that comes with an implant’s support. You will be able to count on your restoration for normal biting and chewing, and avoid uncomfortable adjustments that tax your jaw, which can lead to TMD. You might not realize it, but… Read more »

Problems Associated With Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, a habit of teeth grinding that often occurs when you sleep, can pose a number of problems for your oral health, and your overall well-being. One issue is hard to miss – that tendency to grind your teeth can cause you to wake up with a sore jaw, and pain in your facial muscles…. Read more »

Take Part In Mansfield’s Run With Heart January 28

On Saturday, January 28, you can take part in an activity that will benefit your health, and offer important support to a good cause. Mansfield’s Run With Heart will once again invite residents of Mansfield (and neighboring cities and towns) to throw on their running shoes in support of Methodist Mansfield Medical Center. You can… Read more »

Improving Your Smile Through Dental Bonding

If you can think of something about your smile that bothers you, you could be a good candidate for a cosmetic dental treatment. Cosmetic work addresses flaws with your teeth, and provides fixes that are effective, but allow your smile to retain a natural look. One way you can correct issues is with a dental… Read more »

Do I Really Need A Root Canal Treatment?

Your dentist may not expect you to welcome the news that you need a root canal treatment, but you should understand that this restorative dental work can save your tooth. A root canal is not for any cavity, but it is needed when tooth decay has grown serious enough to enter your tooth. That intrusion… Read more »

What Kind Of Care Can You Expect At A Dental Visit?

The oral care provided during a general dental visit can cover a range of possible concerns. Patients typically go in to a checkup understanding that their dentist is watching for any signs of tooth decay. However, your dentist’s observations do not stop with a cavity check. They can watch out for issues that can cause… Read more »

Go Stargazing With Astronomers In Mansfield Jan 21

On the night of Saturday, January 21, you can come out to Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park and enjoy a night of stargazing, with guidance from seasoned astronomers. The astronomers, from the Fort Worth Astronomical Society, will help you make the most of your look into the night’s sky by pointing out different stars, planets,… Read more »

Quiz: Demystifying Dental Crowns

If you have enjoyed a lifetime of good oral health, you may not know what to expect when a problem like tooth decay does arise. There are different strategies your dentist will employ to provide you with restorative dental care, based on the severity of your cavity. Many patients will have their problem tooth restored… Read more »