If you can think of something about your smile that bothers you, you could be a good candidate for a cosmetic dental treatment. Cosmetic work addresses flaws with your teeth, and provides fixes that are effective, but allow your smile to retain a natural look. One way you can correct issues is with a dental bonding treatment. Your dentist will apply composite resin to a tooth in order to hide issues that might make it less attractive. That can include discoloration, as well as issues like damage, or a misshapen appearance. You can see results in less time than you might think. For many patients, the work involved in a bonding treatment can be completed in a single visit.

Bonding Can Make Comprehensive Improvements To A Problem Tooth

Dental bonding can cover multiple problems, so that you can see big changes in one treatment. What this means is that if you are worried about a combination of issues, like discoloration, damage, and congenital flaws, you can have these matters fixed with one treatment. By covering the tooth with composite resin, your dentist can make it look brighter, hide cracks and chips, or even make it appear larger.

How Composite Resin Has Changed Restorative Dental Work

Composite resin is not just used for cosmetic work. Your dentist can provide you with a composite resin filling to take care of a cavity. By using this material, you can enjoy a natural-looking restoration that supports your tooth without altering its appearance. Composite resin is also able to bond to the surrounding enamel. That means that, unlike with a metal filling, you will avoid having any gaps between the tooth and the restoration.