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The Long-Term Value Of A Custom Dental Bridge

If you are living with tooth loss, it seems safe to assume you are familiar with the problems an incomplete smile can create for an individual. Depending on which tooth is missing, a gap in your smile can make you feel deeply self-conscious. It can also make biting, chewing, and even speaking more difficult. At… Read more »

What To Expect After You Receive Your Custom Dental Crown

Custom dental crowns are used to restore teeth affected by advanced decay, and to protect teeth that have suffered physical trauma. When you go in for treatment, your Mansfield, TX dentist will take care to closely measure your tooth to ensure that your restoration is the right shape and size to look natural, feel comfortable,… Read more »

3 Smile Improvements To Pursue In The New Year

2021 is just over a week away, which makes now a great time to think about your resolutions for the new year. Even if you spent 2020 free of oral health issues, you may want to consider changes to your hygiene routine. After all, it is important to remain vigilant if you hope to keep… Read more »

How A Composite Filling Matches Healthy Tooth Enamel

A dental filling restores a tooth by covering the portion of your enamel where your dentist removed a cavity. You will need this protection permanently, as your tooth will not recover from this harm. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, patients receive composite dental fillings that closely imitate teeth. Because we use these restorations at… Read more »

Upset Over A Toothache? Root Canal Therapy Can Help

It is difficult to ignore tooth pain, particularly when it limits your ability to eat and drink. Rather than simply trying to work around your discomfort, you should have your Mansfield, TX dentist examine the sore or sensitive tooth and see what the problem is. Pain is often a symptom of an infection, which means… Read more »

Placing A Dental Crown As Part Of Your Cavity Treatment

After a cavity develops, your tooth will experience permanent damage that has to be addressed with a restoration. By scheduling regular dental exams, you can have a problem with decay identified and treated in time to have a dental filling put in place to restore the tooth. However, you will need more support if you… Read more »

How Concerned Should You Be About A Chipped Tooth?

If you chip your tooth, you may be more concerned with your appearance than with the actual health of the tooth. It is possible that the damage is only cosmetic, which means restorative dentistry is not needed. With that said, you can also fail to recognize just how much trouble a “minor” injury can cause…. Read more »

Arranging Restorative Dental Services For A Cracked Tooth

After cracking your tooth, you should act quickly and make an appointment for restorative dental work. If you let the problem go without treatment, it can lead to upsetting consequences for your appearance as well as your oral health. By bringing the matter to your Mansfield, TX dentist’s attention, you can have a cracked tooth… Read more »

Why Is Tooth Decay So Harmful To Your Oral Health?

Tooth decay is something that your Mansfield, TX dentist can spot – and treat – before significant harm occurs. During a routine dental exam, the formation of decay can be identified before you start to experience discomfort. If your only experience with cavities is those that have been caught early, you may not realize just… Read more »

Should I Do More To Prevent The Formation Of Cavities?

Are you starting to worry that your smile is vulnerable to problems with cavities? Even if you have not needed restorative dental work recently, you should take time to question the effectiveness of your preventive dental care routine. Once a cavity forms, there will not be a way to stop the spread of decay without… Read more »