A cavity’s formation will leave your tooth permanently harmed. This is true even when the problem is caught and treated early. That being said, timely restorative dental work does have important advantages. By catching a problem in time, our Mansfield, TX dental practice can make sure that your cavity is dealt with before there are complications, and while the amount of harm to your tooth structure is limited. After detecting the problem and removing decayed enamel, we will protect your tooth with a lifelike dental filling. The material we use to make these restorations can both visually match and bond with your enamel, which means it can remain secure over a longer period of time and offer support that preserves the way you look!

Can A Lifelike Tooth Filling Really Offer Long-Term Protection?

A filling provides permanent protection when you have a cavity. By offering this support, it makes the preservation of your bite function possible, and it helps keep your tooth safe from damage or a new infection. The type of material used to make this kind of restoration can affect your experience with care in several ways. The right substance will be durable enough to hold up against years of friction and pressure, but you can also be concerned with finding a filling that blends in with surrounding tooth structure and avoids unwanted attention. You can find that our practice is able to offer these features, so we can provide support that preserves how you look as well as your dental function!

Placing Your Filling As Part Of Your Cavity Treatment

As part of the plans to restore your tooth, your dentist will first carefully remove the material that has been affected by decay. After clearing away this substance and ensuring there are no more worries about bacteria and decayed enamel, we can place your filling. The resin material that we use to place this kind of restoration actually adheres directly to your enamel thanks to its biocompatible nature. Upon its application, the substance will bond and harden to your tooth structure. This is a service that we can provide in just one appointment, so you have less time to wait when it comes to restoring your oral health, smile, and bite.

What If I Need To Have A Larger Cavity Treated?

There are times when cavities grow to the point where fillings are not effective at treating them. When this happens, we can provide more durable support in the form of a dental crown. A crown will surround the tooth to provide more functional protection as well as stronger bite support.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Treatment With A Lifelike Filling

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