Month: January 2022

Smile Care That Dental Implants Make Possible

How much can a dentist really do for you after you lose teeth? A single gap in your smile can have a significant impact on your appearance, dental health, and bite function. If it is not addressed, these issues can worsen, and you can actually lose more teeth over time! Fortunately, with the right prosthetic… Read more »

Making Sure Your Crown Protects Your Tooth

A dental crown needs to support you in several ways. It needs to provide long-term support, as a tooth is not able to naturally heal from a cavity or dental injury that makes restorative work necessary. It should also support your bite health, which means it needs to be both stable and secure. For dental… Read more »

Where Root Canals Fit Into Cavity Treatment

When you find out from your dentist that you need cavity treatment, should you assume that you need to be prepared to undergo a root canal? This is not the case every time someone has a problem with dental decay. In fact, one benefit to scheduling regular dental exams is that you can find out… Read more »

How Veneers Improve Smiles

If you could make lasting changes to your smile, what improvements would you want to see? Is your goal to fix issues with dental discoloration, or are you focused on correcting problems with tooth shape and size? Are you bothered by uneven spacing that has left you with gaps or overlaps that attract unwanted attention?… Read more »

Relying On Implant-Held Restorations

Rather than feel stuck with an incomplete smile, you can look into your options for prosthetic treatment. With the right approach to care, you can regain confidence in the way you look, and you can also resolve problems you have with your bite function and oral health. Our Mansfield, TX dental practice can provide treatment… Read more »

Our Fillings Can Match Your Enamel

If the time comes where you need to schedule a cavity treatment, you may have some concerns about what your procedure will involve. How will you know that your tooth is fully protected? How can you prevent new problems with your tooth? If the treatment is successful, will it hurt your appearance? At our Mansfield,… Read more »

How We Help Kids Prevent Cavities

Caring for your kids can certainly keep you busy. While parenthood can be challenging, it is an important part of your life. Fortunately, you can look forward to help when it comes to certain aspects of childcare. At our Mansfield, TX dental practice, we can provide important smile care during every pediatric dental visit. That… Read more »

Is It Time For Your Next Dental Exam?

If you want to enjoy a healthy and happy 2022, you should think about what you can do to keep up with your smile care for the new year. Having the right routine for brushing and flossing will certainly help, but make sure that you also protect yourself with regular dental checkups and cleanings! You… Read more »