If the time comes where you need to schedule a cavity treatment, you may have some concerns about what your procedure will involve. How will you know that your tooth is fully protected? How can you prevent new problems with your tooth? If the treatment is successful, will it hurt your appearance? At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we have experience fully treating cavities so that patients do not have to worry about how they look or how they will keep their tooth safe. Your most conservative treatment option is one that calls for the placement of a dental filling. With this restoration, we can preserve your surrounding tooth structure and also provide cosmetic benefits, as your filling will match the enamel surrounding it.

Why Does A Filling Have To Be Placed When You Have A Cavity?

Even if it is caught before you have issues with discomfort or sensitivity, a cavity will do permanent harm to your tooth structure. This makes it necessary for your dentist to provide a restoration that will cover the affected area in order to prevent damage or an infection. When appropriate, we can use a custom dental filling, which provides conservative care that preserves healthy enamel. The filling will cover the site where a cavity formed, keeping you safe while also preserving your ability to bite and chew without difficulty.

Receiving Your Custom Dental Filling

A custom dental filling made from a composite resin material will be able to both match and bond to your tooth structure. This provides lasting support, and it gives you confidence in your appearance. The first part of restorative work that we provide will be the removal of decayed tissues and bacteria from the tooth. After the cavity is effectively removed, your filling will be applied so that it can harden and provide long-term stability and protection. We will take care to preserve healthy tooth structure, and we can make sure that the filling you receive is a good match for the color and texture of your enamel.

What We Can Do For A Patient Affected By Advanced Decay

A severe cavity will put you at risk for a painful infection that leaves your tooth and overall oral health in a vulnerable state. It may be necessary for us to perform root canal treatment when advanced decay affects you. Even if the problem is caught before this is needed, damage to your enamel can make it necessary for you to receive a dental crown instead of a filling. With the right type of crown, we can make sure your tooth is preserved without changing your appearance.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Treatment With A Dental Filling

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