Month: May 2016

Proactive Care Through Regular Dental Checkups

Your dentist offers invaluable care when there is a problem with your oral health. Hopefully, you also see them for checkups, even if you have no existing issues. General dental care involves an expert cleaning, as well as a full evaluation that is meant to identify any possible issues. You may be surprised at some… Read more »

The Mansfield Library Family Movie Matinee Starts June 10

Starting June 10, the Mansfield Public Library will begin a weekly series through June and July, where families can attend afternoon screenings of popular family movies. Every Friday, starting at 3 pm, a different film will be shown. There is no cost associated with attendance, and no need to register for the event. The Family… Read more »

Making Sure Your Smile Looks Good After Cavity Treatment

Restorative work on a cavity is important – without treatment from your dentist, an infection can spread through your tooth root, and that tooth can suffer irreparable harm. That being said, modern dental techniques are sensitive to the desire to maintain an attractive smile. The restorative procedures your dentist can perform rely on materials that… Read more »

Quiz: Dealing With Tooth Pain

What would you do if you started to experience tooth pain? Are you aware of what different oral health conditions can lead to discomfort in a tooth, or in several teeth? Understanding the causes of tooth pain – and the need to seek treatment for them – can help you better preserve your oral health…. Read more »

Check Out The Mansfield Farmers Market May 21

On May 21, this year’s Mansfield Farmers Market will open up for the public. The market runs every Saturday morning from 8 am to 1 pm. At each event, a range of vendors will be on hand to offer up a diverse selection of goods. The public is welcome to attend the event free of… Read more »

How Dental Bonding Can Help Your Smile

Dental bonding is an effective treatment for a flawed tooth, as it can cover up problems with size, shape, and color. This cosmetic procedure can be completed in a single visit, and can be a less costly means of improving your appearance than porcelain veneers. The process involves the expert application of a composite resin… Read more »

Good Habits To Help Protect Your Oral Health

If you want to avoid a situation where you need restorative work from your dentist, you should think critically about how you manage your oral health. Regular dental checkups and effective at-home maintenance like brushing and flossing play a big part in your relative risks, but there are other measures you can take. How often… Read more »