What would you do if you started to experience tooth pain? Are you aware of what different oral health conditions can lead to discomfort in a tooth, or in several teeth? Understanding the causes of tooth pain – and the need to seek treatment for them – can help you better preserve your oral health. Dental problems need intervention from your dentist. If your pain is the result of something like a cavity, your dentist can restore the condition of your tooth. Other causes of pain can also be addressed, if necessary.

True Or False: A Cavity Will Be Painful The Moment It Develops

False! In its earliest form, a cavity will only affect your enamel. If you have pain that stems from a cavity, it could indicate that decay has penetrated the center of your tooth, and affected the nerves in your pulp. A cavity this severe can require a root canal treatment.

True Or False: Lingering Pain After A Tooth Injury May Require A Root Canal

True! In some cases, a dental injury can damage the nerves at the center of your tooth. In order to restore its health, you may need a root canal.

True Or False: People Who Suffer From Bruxism Grind Their Teeth Most Often In The Afternoons

False! Bruxism sufferers tend to primarily grind their teeth at night, while they sleep. In order to protect your teeth, your dentist can craft a special mouth guard that stops you from grinding your teeth. Stopping damage from bruxism can protect you from TMD, which can cause you to experience chronic discomfort.