Age, stress, and daily living can take a toll on your smile. Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris can utilize restorative dentistry to repair damage, transforming even the most rundown appearance into a strong, magnificent smile. Fine dental materials allow Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris to give our patients durable restorations that blend with their natural teeth.

From minor issues to detailed smile reconstruction, your dentist will correct your dental issues and design custom restorations that ensure our patients can enjoy solid, natural-looking smiles. If you have cracked, decaying, or missing teeth, we can rejuvenate your whole smile with proven dental therapies.

Advanced technology and tooth-colored materials enable your Mansfield dentist to craft quality restorations that will refresh the beauty and function of your smile. With composite fillings, dental crowns, and bridgework, we can repair damage, rebuild broken teeth, and create a healthy smile. We can also replace missing teeth with dental implants or dentures, giving patients the freedom and dignity they desire.